<h3>Learn more at the World Wildlife Fund</h3> www.worldwildlife.org World Wildlife Fund is committed to endangered species protection. See how we are ensuring that the world our children inherit will be home to the same species we enjoy today.
<h3>Why are these animals endangered and what can you do to help?</h3> <h3>Read &amp; Learn</h3>Explore this interactive image book to learn more. <b><h3>Create</h3></b>Create your own endangered animals poster to present your ideas on the final page of this book. <h3>Teachers</h3><b>Grab the Lesson Plan on the last page.</b> <h3></h3>
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<h3><b>Threats</b></h3>Leatherbacks feed almost exclusively on jellies Sometimes they mistake empty plastic bags for food. Eating a plastic bag can kill Leatherback turtle