Saturn and some of its Moons: Titan, Iapetus, and Enceladus
We send machines called probes to learn about Saturn.
Iapetus and Enceladus are small moons.
North Pole of Enceladus
Artist Rendition of Enceladus's Water Geysers
Water and Ice erupt on Eceladus like geysers and volcanoes.
Titan is about a third as wide as the Earth.
Titan has an atmosphere.
Iapetus has some of the largest mountains in the solar system.
Iapetus has two colors. Scientists thinks this is because it picks up dust as it goes around Saturn.
Saturn has many moons
Saturn has rings of ice and dust.
Titan's surface is being changed by it's weather.
Up Goer 5 text on Saturn and It's Moons The Up-Goer Five Text Editor

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