Historical Mural - Chicano Park, San Diego
Image source: OGRomero © 2013 seremosdocumentary.blogspot.com   C hicano Park is one of those places that looms in the imagination of our community. It is located in Barrio Logan in San Diego, nex...
César Chávez<br /> es.youthforhumanrights.org Descubre cómo César Chávez dedicó su vida a luchar por los derechos de los trabajadores agrícolas y por qué se le otorgó el más alto honor civil, la Medalla Presidencial de la Libertad.
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Diego Rivera<br /> artsmarts4kids.blogspot.com Diego Rivera and his twin brother, Carlos, were born in 1886 in the mountains of Mexico. Rivera’s parents helped poor people live better li...
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Reies Tijerina<br /> borderzine.com Reies López Tijerina, one of the most influential leaders of the U.S. Mexican-American civil rights movement was honored by the Mexican consulate here for a lifetime of work and sacrifice to protect and improve the lives of generations of persons of Mexican descent living in the United States.
Ruben Salazar<br /> www.kcet.org A new exhibit in Lincoln Heights celebrates what would have been Salazar's 84th birthday, with photos, articles, art, documentary films and dramatic...
Joaquín Murrieta www.amazon.com Bandit's Moon [Sid Fleischman, Jos. A Smith] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Annyrose Smith is a true child of calamity, but she is determined to overcome it. So what if she's an orphan? So what if she's stuck with the vilest landlady in California
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José María Morelos<br /> biography.yourdictionary.com José María Morelos facts: José María Morelos (1765-1815) was a Mexican parish priest who joined the forces seeking to liberate Mexico from Spanish rule. He became the greatest of the insurgent military commanders, and as a statesman he advocated far-reach...
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