Using MindMaps to Cope with #Dementia: Interactive #MindMap
I have dementia. I use mind maps every day to deal with some of the common problems and symptoms associated with the condition. This mind map is about how I use the method.
Coffee helps too. I like it straight up "black" with no sugar or cream or any of that other stuff. On occasion -- on a bad day -- I have been known to add a cup of cocoa to a cup of coffee thus negating the second sentence.
These are some of the ways that mind mapping helps me to cope with the cognitive issues of dementia.
I use mind mapping to improve my quality of life in many ways by improving the ways that I can handle information. Mind mapping is NOT treatment and does not heal or otherwise alter the course of the condition. At least for me, however, it does make it easier to cope day-to-day and makes my life better.
Mind mapping can also be used in my interactions with care givers and healthcare professionals to improve our communications, my understanding of the disease, and my willingness to follow important medical instructions.
Click on the stars to see comments about portions of this mind map.

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