Google Drive Gameboard Redirecting...
A short GIF to show you how to create a new folder in Drive
Click this link and then click Add to Drive Folder to Copy - Google Drive
Watch this GIF to see how to add a shared folder to your drive
A great keyboard shortcut! Slash Key as a Keyboard Shortcut
Follow the directions in this image to make a copy of the document. It's in the folder you already added to your drive. How to Make a Copy of a Document
Watch this gif to see how to make a copy.
Watch the GIF to see how you change the view of Drive.
Read these directions or watch the GIF to see how to change the view in Drive. How to Change the View in Drive
Watch this short video (25 sec.) to see how to share a doc. It's fast so you may have to watch it more than once. share a document.mp4
Click here for written directions with more advanced options as well. How to share a document
Watch this short GIF on how to add a document to your Drive.
Watch this GIF to see how to add a folder from your computer.
Click here to see written directions with pics of how to share a folder. The process is very similar to sharing a document. How to Share a Folder in Google Drive
This is a check in task. You must complete it. Share a Document Task
Click here to watch this GIF of how to star a document
Written directions of how to star a document. Star a Doc
Create a new folder in your Drive. Name it Google PD Evidence Create a Folder
Task: Share the folder you created titled "Google PD" with folder.png
Read how to un-star a document. UnStar a Doc
Watch the GIF of how to remove a star from a document.
Watch the GIF to see how it's done.To un-share a folder or document, you just undo everything you set up to Share.
These are directions of how to search in Drive. Search Drive by Keyword
Watch this GIF to see the 3 ways you can move a doc in and out of folders. Move a doc
Read these directions and watch the GIF to see how to add a document from your computer. How to Add a Document from your Computer How to Add a Document from your Computer
Complete the form to receive your Badge to Drive badge. Sign in - Google Accounts
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