Heres a list of activities kids can play during recess. {further explnation on other links. Games Archive | Playworks
Four Square is a game kids can play. Basically, there are four squares, one for each individual. The goal is for the person to reach square A, or the main square, and get other people out. Many kids enjoy this game. Games Archive | Playworks
Jump Rope is another game to get kids moving during their small break. There are many variations and songs to sing while doing jump rope, so kids can have fun in various ways. Games Archive | Playworks
Helicopter is another game that requires a jump rope. kids spin a jump rope over their head while they sing a song, a kid then lets go of the jump rope, extending it fully, and kids have to avoid getting hit by it. Games Archive | Playworks
Hand Ball or as many people know it as Wall ball, is another one. Kids throw a ball against a wall and have to follow certain rules in how to hit it and other fun rules. Games Archive | Playworks

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