What Makes a Digital Marketing Agency?
<h3><b>Business Managers &amp; Directors</b></h3>Someone who can ensure the company&apos;s goals and overall vision are closely aligned with everything they do. <b>Traits: </b>Top level business thinking, company financials, proactive in daily business operation, strong management skills, client strategy and education.
<h3><b>Campaign Managers</b></h3>This role is pivotal to the success of digital marketing campaigns for the clients. They keep everything running smoothly and have great communication skills to keep everything on track. <b>Traits:</b> Great communicators, organised, proactive, business strategy and consultation.
<h3><b>Specialists in pay-per-click (PPC)</b></h3>We need people who can identify where our clients most valuable customers are searching or browsing online. <b>Traits: </b>Great analysers, can communicate clearly with clients and educate, strategic minds, problem solvers.<b></b>
<h3><b>Working in a Digital Agency</b></h3> youtu.be An insight into some of the opportunities and experiences that come with snagging a position at Reload Media!
<h3><b>Sales &amp; Digital Strategy</b></h3>Someone to help drive sales, delve into the tough questions and collaborates with clients to find the best digital marketing solution to achieve their business goals. <b>Traits:</b> Someone who is proactive, can think on a high business level and a great problem solver.
<h3><b>Specialists in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) + Content</b></h3> We have specialists in SEO and content who can work together to increase traffic to our client&apos;s websites. <b>Traits:</b> Can educate clients, Creative and technical recommendations, strategic thinkers, problem solvers, analytical minds.

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