Stanwood Elementary School New Stanton, PA 15672 #LivingInUS
Our building theme for 2014-2015 is Saddle Up for Success.
Our art room is a place for creativity.
Our auditorium is where the magic happens!
Here is the music room where we play instruments.
This is our cafeteria.
Stanwood Elementary houses over six hundred students in grades K - 5.
Stanwood started as a junior high school.
We use Mimio technology.
This is our computer lab.
This is when Stanwood was built.
This is when Stanwood was renovated. It is still standing today.
This is the gym.
We do lots of researching and typing. Check out some of the awesome things that happen in our third grade classroom at Stanwood Elementary School! Pollak, Kristy / Welcome to Room 206 Mrs. P.'s Class
Our courtyard is between the second and third grade halls.

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