Powell's City of Books: A Citizen-Consumer's Paradise
The Green Room was recently remodeled, but while it looks a bit more &quot;mainstream&quot; than the rest of the store, it retains Powell&apos;s independent spirit.<br /><br />This is where you&apos;ll find the bestsellers and recent award-winners, but there are staff picks as well, and those tend to stray from the beaten path. www.travelportland.com
The Blue Room is where you&apos;ll find the classics, dramatic literature, memoirs, and poetry.<br /><br />While this may seem the most &quot;traditionally literary&quot; of Powell&apos;s offerings, the sheer number of shelves indicate that you&apos;ll find much more than Shakespeare and Steinbeck in here. instagram.com 34 Likes, 4 Comments - Dew Drop (@mitchadew) on Instagram: “Paradise FOUND”
The Gold Room is the place to go for your daily dose of fantasy, horror, mystery, and erotica. You&apos;ll find westerns, nautical fiction, and RPG books in here, too.<br /><br />After all, genre fiction has the power to inspire and teach, as well. How else would you learn what to do in the upcoming zombie apocalypse? instagram.com 35 Likes, 2 Comments - andy (@letitbe503) on Instagram: “mecca. #powellsbooks #oldbooks #portland #portlandnw #portlandoregon #pacnw #burnside #powells…”
Here you will find the World Cup Coffee and Tea shop, as well as the romance books and graphic novels. <br /><br />You&apos;ll need some brain food if you want to be able to process all of the literary options surrounding you! This is also a nice place to engage in discussion with other members of the Powell&apos;s community.<br /> instagram.com 20 Likes, 3 Comments - Bekka Björke (@bekkabjorke) on Instagram: “#powellsbooks”
The Orange Room is the home of the registers, but there are also shelves upon shelves of books on cooking and gardening if you want to take up new hobbies. If you find that you&apos;re terrible at those hobbies, there are humor books here, as well.<br /><br />This is also where you can declare your public appreciation of Powell&apos;s mission and the experience by showing off your love with socks, water bottles, T-shirts, and even onesies for the kids.<br /> instagram.com 5 Likes, 2 Comments - rebecca hamilton (@disco_sonic) on Instagram: “The end is near. #pdx #powellsbooks #christmaspanic”
The Rose Room is home to children&apos;s and Young Adult books, as well as parenting books for their guardians.<br /><br />Powell&apos;s Books as a brand is dedicated to cultivating the minds of the next generation of readers. Not only are there tons of events for children (storytime, anyone?), but the business pours time and money into promoting youth literacy.<br /> instagram.com Page Not Found • Instagram
The Purple Room is another important stop, not necessarily for stories, but for topics many us of could brush up on. Here you&apos;ll find books on business, metaphysics, world religions, and even dance.<br /><br />This is also where you will find the Espresso Book Machine if you&apos;re interested in expressing your voice by printing books on demand or self-publishing. instagram.com 14 Likes, 4 Comments - Angela Lau (@banangela) on Instagram: “Ok, last pic before boarding my flight. Had a great, productive work trip in this awesome city,…”
You made it to the top! Welcome to the Pearl Room. Here you will find books on everything from architecture and astronomy to weddings and woodworking. <br /><br />This is also the home of the Basil Hallward Gallery, which is not only home to work by local artists, but is the location of many local events, book signings, author talks, and so on. If you want to become more involved in the Powell&apos;s community, this is the place to visit. instagram.com 116 Likes, 0 Comments - PNW Lifestyle & Couples (@haleyswinth) on Instagram: “I picked up a camera in 2013. Best decision ever. #liveauthentic #powellsbooks #powells…”
While the rest of the store has a warehouse look to it, the Rare Book Room has the cozy feel of a private library. However, this isn&apos;t a place reserved for those who can pay the $350,000 required for the store&apos;s most expensive book.<br /><br />Though this room has its own hours, all are welcome to sit in here and read, as long as they&apos;re careful! fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net
This is where you&apos;ll find the customer service desk. Part of the Powell&apos;s appeal is the utter lack of judgment you&apos;ll feel regarding your reading preferences. They have such a wide variety for a reason!<br /><br />If you&apos;re not sure what to look into, though, staff members are always willing to give you recommendations for new topics or authors.<br /> fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net

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