Tufted Deer Adaptation Project
An adaptation the tufted deer also has is that they have a bark that sounds like a dog. The bark helps them scare away other animals and they also bark when they sense prey. whozoo.org Information about Tufted Deer : WhoZoo
The tufted deer has four stomachs which helps the deer digest their food. Without these four stomachs, their food wouldn't be able to be broken down and they would not survive. www.lazoo.org Tufted deer are considered near threatened, and are hunted primarily by leopards and people.
One of the adaptations the tufted deer has is that it has vampire-like thathelp the deer fight during mating season. amazingadaptations.weebly.com Scientific Name:  Elaphodus Cephalophus Classification:  Mammalia Habitat: High vally jungles,mountain forests Location: China, northen India, Burma Diet: Bamboo, fruits ,herbs, grass,
4). Adaptations come from many years of evolution. Some traits that animals get can be bad, but only the fittest to live in a particular environment will survive, so that animal with the bad trait will die off. Eventually,, an aimal will get a certain trait that will help them survive. This trait will give them a huge advantage and this animal's children and grandchildren will survive the longest until an animal with a better trait comes along.
5). A population adapts over time, but an individual cannot adapt on it's own. An animal has certain genes when they are born and cannot change them throughout their lifetime.
6). I would consider a trait an adaptation when many generations have survived because of that trait. I say this because even if a trait seems like a good one, it might not help the animal survive. To make sure it is an adaptations several generations have to survive with that trait really helping them.
http://whozoo.org/Intro2000/yazburgo/tempagetwo.htm http://amazingadaptations.weebly.com/tufted-deer.html http://www.lazoo.org/animals/mammals/tufted-deer/
Heather Nguyen, Period 5
Picture Source featuredcreature.com The Tufted Deer is a rare, small species of deer found in China. It's characterized by its oversized canines which give it the appearance of a vampire!
Video of the tufted deer using one of it's adaptations. www.youtube.com Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

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