Zombie UAF
Talk about a fortress! Peering through the rough fencing into the center we can make out what looks like apartment buildings. Abandoned tricycles and plastic pastel buckets reveal it to be family housing. Looks like the parents didn’t want anyone getting in. Don’t see any way out though. Twenty bucks says they’re all still in there starved to death or turned. It’s a cheery thought. Though really nothing to lose. No one uses money anymore. It’s kinda freeing.
Entered through a big metal door on the ground level. Would have been a good door if it hadn’t been left open. Big heavy tables greeted us and open cabinets. Looked like there used to be some useful things in this room. Outlines in the cabinets told an old tale of hammers and saws. Labels on drawers greeted us: “Screws. Chisels. Other tools.” Old sculpture waited in the corners for the makers to come back. Had a momentary start in the back of the room. A z-man, head smashed in by the lid of a furnace. Too bad the gas was probably all out. It was getting cold and some man-made heat would have been nice. Scored a left-behind sledgehammer from the back cabinet! Becoming a hoarder of things in this brand new world. Not much else left. This whole place is stripped.
Had to stop the truck at the crudely built wood and metal wall blocking the roadway. I think there was a street light in there somehow. Bits of old asphalt littered the ground where a rough trench had been forced out of the blacktop. Sharpened stakes were installed in the ground just waiting to impale. Had a bit of a laugh for a minute. There are endless ways for a Z-man to get onto the campus. Did they think these barricades would stop the endless tide of undead? Then realization: the barricades weren’t for the undead. They were to keep out the living.
Found a huge apartment-looking dorm up the road a little ways. Started to head through the cracked glass doors when a hideous, familiar moan sounded through the air. Decided not to touch that place with a 50 foot pole. That many people in one place, probably crawling with zombies. At least getting their attention takes a little effort. We slipped by unnoticed. It was nerve-wracking for a minute though. Have you ever tried to be silent while standing in broken glass? Stressful.
Ducked in as some Z passed by. Looks like an office building. Ransacked like everything else in this place. I guess we could have taken the paperclips?
Checked every single residence within a 2 minute walk. Windows broken, food gone. Not even a blanket. It’s looking like the people moved on instead of dying out. Maybe they didn’t go too far? Find survivors.
Been wandering around long enough to know this place is relatively zed-free with some easily avoidable exceptions.. We stepped through the broken glass doors, always alert, but the wonder of a whole building filled with books distracted us...I will admit. Found a worn, but readable poster on the wall that told us what books were on what floor. I won’t lie when I say our packs are just slightly heavier. We can start the world’s first after-apocalypse book club. I’ll bring the muffins. Just don’t expect them to taste like anything like muffins. It’s going to be the same stuff we’ve been eating every day anyway.
Found a map of the place! Looks like someone had been surviving here on campus for awhile. It’s been written all over in green pen. Picked up a screwdriver today. But, the best news is the little circle with an arrow pointing to it saying, “gas.” If there’s still gas in main tank we can keep the truck running for that much longer. The “Z” written nearby worries me though.
Sometimes it’s the little things. All this death and fear and loss and the sight of a mobile of airplanes spinning in the wind brought a moment of silliness. Ever pretend to be a plane as a kid, arms out, making raspberry noises with your mouth? Yeah. We did. No shame
Near an abandoned 2-story building we found three probable dorms. The doors are still locked with keycard access (how is that still powered?) so it’s possible supplies might be inside. There’s a loading dock out back that gets us up to a window. Just have to find a way to break it. Maybe some blankets or pillows or if we’re lucky...big, warm jackets.
Starting to realize that schools are a lot like large population centers. Too many people crammed in too little space when the shambling menace shows up. One person gets sick, everyone ends up panicking and at risk. Stepped over more decayed bodies that made us comfortable. Found a couple packs of ramen in the cabinet. Classic college kids. Probably bought the store out when everything went down. No nutritional value, but we’ll take it.
It’s almost surreal being in here. Sculpture hangs from the ceiling, inviting you in. Not a lot of dirt made it in, so the place is pretty white in a world of brown and gray. Checking rooms revealed a lot of science equipment, but none of us could make anything out of it.
docs.google.com Fire Department
docs.google.com Greenhouse
docs.google.com Arctic Health Research Building
docs.google.com Wood Center 2
docs.google.com Bibliography
Something creepy about broken basketball hoops. String hanging all around, the metal ring part of the hoop creaking lazily on its last screw as the breeze from the door opening touches it. Not much left here. Looks like they used the gym as a gathering place. Gathering places were the first to get taken out by the zombies. Big groups of loud noisy people. Found a scrap of diary in the corner next to an old treadmill. (man I remember when you paid to run on moving sidewalks instead of just running for your life.) Reading it dredged up some memories I’d rather lock down, “I can hear them thumping against the doors, see them crammed up against the windows, moaning and looking at us like meat. My mom is out there somewhere. We were just here to watch hockey! If I ever get out of this I’m going to clean my room every day.”
What a weird looking building. Poked around inside. It was nice seeing art. Been awhile. Nothing jumped out at us, nothing tried to eat us. I would come again. 5 stars. Make me laugh, it sounds like a Yelp rating. Not that we'll ever Yelp anything ever again.
Found the survivors. They died or moved on again. Found a big funeral pyre in the parking lot. Looks like they started burning the dead. At least I hope they were dead.
This building goes underground. Brilliant. Seems like the best place to hide when the ground level is going all kinds of crazy. Had to wiggle apart some barricades, but no zombies hanging around. Wish we hadn't gone downstairs. No doors or windows is all well and good, but food runs out fast.
Didn't believe the X's on the map. Should have believed the X's on the map! Not going there again!
So we found out why you climb these things with a rope and all that "belay on, belay off" stuff. Luckily he only made it about 5 feet up before the handhold broke off.
This apartment was empty even for z-world standards. Looks like no one was living there at all. Probably good, there were windows halfway below ground level. Be all cozy in bed and a zed walks himself through the window to come snuggle. Gross.

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