Tasmanian DevIl Endangered Animal Report by Harrison Aris.
Habitat. The Tasmanian Devil lives mostly on the north east and south of Tasmania in bush land. They make dens to hide in during the day and to stay warm and safe in. At night they come out to hunt. d3lp4xedbqa8a5.cloudfront.net
Location and Biome. Tasmania is an island located south of the eastern part of Australia and is part of Australia, as shown on this map. Tasmanian Devils live in Eucalyptus forrest and in temperate forests with thick under growth. www.naturalhistoryonthenet.com
Threats. Disease is the main threat to Tasmanian Devils. Devil Facial Tumor Disease, also known as DFTD is the main threat. Another threat is that people are destroying land that the devils normally live in. The three options of survival if your land is being destroyed is to 1) move 2) adapt 3) die. This is a very dangerous situation for the Tasmanian devils as they cannot move and cannot adapt fast enough. cdn.thinglink.me
Animal status. The Tasmanian Devil is officially listed as endangered. We don't know how many are left, but we do know that 95% of the affected populations are dead. Some ideas to help are. Breed in captivity and release healthy Devils to the wild. Move healthy Devils that have been bred in captivity to other land, to be kept safe as a back up resource. www.kane.com.au
Importance to the ecosystem. Because the Devils eat meat and scavenge they help clean up the ecosystem and prevent other disease spreading because they eat even rotting meat. Plus they are important in the food chain they keep other animal numbers in control. study.com
Description. The Tasmanian Devil is a marsupial found in the Australian state of Tasmania. The Tasmanian Devil is a small furry black nosed animal with claws and a white stripe above its front legs. i.kinja-img.com

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