Westward Expansionvbk
<div>Spanish Cession of Florida</div> youtu.be How Florida was gained from Spain
<div>The USA gained this territory after the American Revolution in 1783.</div>
<div>Louisiana Purchase- Bought from France for $15 million. Doubled the size of the USA.</div> www.ducksters.com Learn about the Louisiana Purchase. When President Thomas Jefferson bought land west of the Mississippi from the French.
<div>Texas- The state that began as an independent republic.</div> youtu.be Almost a month after 200 Texan rebels were defeated at the Battle of the Alamo, the rebel army got its revenge, earning Texas its independence. From: AERIAL ...
<div>Oregon Territory</div> youtu.be
Oregon Trail youtu.be American settlers moving west along the Oregon Trail from the History Channel video series "America Story of Us"
Mexican American War- Disputed Area mexicanhistory.org
Mexican-American War youtu.be The Mexican Cession is won from Mexico