<h3>We love to climb on the Eagle&apos;s Nest.</h3> media1.oakpark.com
<h3>We love to jump rope!</h3>Watch this video by ACE Fitness to learn some songs. youtu.be Did you know that jumping rope for 10 minutes burns about the same number of calories as running a mile at an 8-minute pace? Talk about effective! Find out h...
Beye School Oak Park, IL 60304 #LivingInUS #GamesAtRecess
<h3>We play sports in our field.</h3> docs.google.com What is your favorite sport to play at recess?
We love our new playground! s1.thingpic.com
<h3>We play chess and checkers in our new outdoor learning area.</h3> s1.thingpic.com
Photo courtesy of Alex G.
We play wall ball

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