Captured on April 17, 2015
This is our school.
Port Aransas, TX 78373
Mrs. Zigmond's First Grade
Drop off and pick up
We eat here
We do art with Mrs. deMontel
We do music. We love to play games and sing songs with Mrs. deMontel!
We play on the pavilion at recess.
This is our playground.
Mew. Franco's room with Lionel. We visit our counselor here.
This is our reading garden. We found a caterpillar and released him here.
Milkweed in our garden. Monarch butterfly caterpillars eat and grow here.
This is the life cycle of a monarch. It was drawn by Lexi.
This is our 1st grade herb garden. We grow herbs and sell them to our friends. We will donate the money to a charity at the end of this year!
This is one of our hallways. It goes past he computer lab to our room.
This is our computer lab. We love to blog on our iPads and in here. Safe Student Publishing
This is Mrs. Peterson's class. Their room is right next to ours. They are our first grade friends.
This is our gym. Coach Sheffiled plays games with us and we get toe tags for running.
This is our classroom. Can you spy any animals? We have tadpoles, snails and a tiger salamander named Slick.
This is the front of our room where we meet and sit.
This is our bulletin board with our salamanders. We painted paper like Eric Carle to make them! We also shared videos and facts we wrote about salamanders. Zig's Kids (@ZigsKids) on Twitter

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