Lewis and Clark took journals along with them on their trip, and many people learned things about them based on the journals.<br /> www.amphilsoc.org
Lewis and Clark documentary!!!<br /> youtu.be YouTube
Lewis and Clark had the help of a team, called the Corps (Cors) of Discovery. But, they also had the help of a Shoshone Indian, Sacajawea. <br /> www.ducksters.com
Lewis and Clark were trying to find a passage from the Mississippi river to the Pacific ocean. <br /> upload.wikimedia.org
The Corps of Discovery found many new things on their way. Many we still see a lot today.<br /> images.fineartamerica.com
This is a timeline of Lewis and Clarks&apos; expedition.<br /> www.nationalgeographic.com Get our best information & features about the Lewis & Clark expedition across America--journal entries, maps, historical photos, drawings, and more.
This is Lewis. www.google.com
This is Clark www.google.com
lewis and clark! upload.wikimedia.org
Wiki website link about Meriweather Lewis and William Clark. en.wikipedia.org Lewis and Clark Expedition - Wikipedia

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