Mothers on TV in the the 21st century
Burn Notice 2007-2013 The mother, Madeline, is a very outspoken individual. She constantly asserts her opinions on every topic, especially when it comes to her son, Michael. Though she may not be portrayed as the best role model, she is always looking out for her son. She is an over-protective mama bear you don't want to mess with. YouTube
Castle 2009-present Martha Rogers. She is a strong woman who is not afraid to tell it like it is. She is shown throughout the show as being whimsical and light-hearted woman, but when it comes to her son or granddaughter (who she is like a mother to), she doesn't joke around. Even when she gives her family some tough love, the adoration and admiration and love that she has for her son and granddaughter shine through. There is no doubt that Martha unconditionally loves her son and granddaughter. And like most mothers, put her child in danger, she is a terrified worry-wart who will not be satisfied until she knows her baby is safe. She always makes sure that her kids are taken care of and safe and when they are having a tough time, she does what she can to help them. (This is video is a montage of clips showing Martha Rogers in some of her finest mothering moments) Credits to ABC, Beacon, CTV, Castle Online, Becklebee, and Andrew Marlowe
Nashville 2012-present Rayna James is a country music star and mother of two. This show attempts to show the difficulties that many modern-day women face. Though not all may be country superstars, many are working mothers trying to balance their time between work and family and many more are single mothers or divorced mothers or mothers trying to date. This clip shows the unconditional love that a mother has for her child regardless of any circumstances. In this short clip, you see Rayna putting her kids above herself and the value that she places on her kid's opinions and thoughts on her own life. In my opinion, Rayna is one of the best moms on TV because she always puts her kids first in her life. Lennon and Maisy Stella as Maddie and Daphne Conrad. SPOILERS ALERT! Don't watch if you haven't seen the whole episode or if you'd like to be surprised with ...
Rizzoli and Isles 2010-present Angela Rizzoli is a spastic mother. She doesn't always have everything together, but she always has her children's best interests at heart. In this clip when Angela says "You can't do this one thing for your mother", I imagine mothers all over the world saying the same thing. Angela acts as a kind of universal mother - always trying her best, but never has it all figured out. She makes it up as she goes, but her kids know she loves them and everything she does is out of love. Rizzoli & Isles - 3x02 Frost, Korsak and Angela shipping Rizzles
Bones 2005-present Temperance Brennan ("Bones") did not start out as a mother in this show, but eventually became one. With her unique outlook on life and mind-boggling intelligence, it is very interesting watching the way that Bones approaches mothering. In this clip, you can see how Bones has impacted her daughter, but you also get to see how her father has as well. It is safe to say that Bones' mothering techniques are unique but they work for her and her family. With Bones's intelligence passed on, she has to adjust her parenting to fit her daughter's needs. Instead of saying "because I said so", she actually has to provide facts to her daughter on why she should do something. Bones knows how to relate to her daughter and applies that to her mothering techniques. Exclusive! Little Christine is growing up too fast for our liking in this sneak peek from Thursday's episode of the Fox hit series

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