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Female workers are increasing in large numbers since the 1980's Did you know that there are a lot more dad's that stay at home and females working in a business area? Society has changed immensely and has impacted the workplace quite a lot. People are adapting and normalizing females at a desk in an office. It's also not hard to find a female working in the a high position anymore. Males also have switched there roles. Many male's are staying at home and taking care of the kids. There are tons of male day care workers in today's field of work. It's not just genders that have changed; you could see people of different races, genders, religious beliefs, ext. in all positions in the workplace.
the workplace uses all of these tools to promote and communicate throughout the business There are quite a few things that have changed in the workplace. If you look at the picture above, you can see that the desk is full. Even though you are going to have some of that stuff on your desk but really you don't need to. You have all of that and more on your phone or laptop. You could use all that extra space for more stuff that will come out on the phone later on in the future. Also all of the stuff listed up there can all help the business promotion. Instead of paying someone to make a site, you could just make accounts on all of those site's and get even more promotion than the site person. Thus increasing you business, thus earning more money, thus being able to hire someone to manage all of the accounts and even create an even better site than if you had payed that guy. Lots of stuff happening in the 21st century.
People from all countries and ethnic origins are in the workplace know and it's come to show that it's not changing. Sure you'll still find American's in America and Puerto rican's in Puerto Rico but it's a lot more mixed up in the best of ways. Employers are no longer biased on one race or the other, they now only consider people's work ethic and ability. There is actually more honors kids in China and Asia than in America, So don't be surprised that you don;t get the job when your up against someone from another country. it's not only happening in America, people from all countries are accepting people from different countries. The things we thought would never happen is just as much real as you or I getting a job.
This is what working in a cubical used to look like. Explained in my technology pin, there are many ways to put this all on a computer. One of those ways is to bring in one of those desktop organizer things that scans the papers and puts it on your computer. So that would solve the clutter problem but there is still lots more. One other problem is the cubical in this picture is very secluded and cut off, cubicles today have lowered walls so that it can encourage communication without having to look over the giant wall. I have also heard that cubicles are now smaller so that they can fit more into one room. One thing i have seen though is that owners are now allowing decoration and nicknacks more so that it doesn't make you feel like your in a prison. They are also making the cubicles more colorful or a different color to motivate workers to do more.
Out of all the workplace categories, I would have to say that technology I think would be most important. I think this because it correlates with all other categories and plays a tremendous role on it's own. You need technology and transpiration to get people and goods to and fro other countries, the only thing in today's society that matters to people is technology, technology can help with research how to help communication within a workplace. In today's society and interest technology is dominant over all. Technology is are past, present, and future. Technology dictates what were going to do for the day, so it would be wrong to choose any other option.

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