Numerex House: A map.
It is here that Jess Russell rejects Dave Peters at the annual Christmas Party. He necks some cheap cava.<br />
Flies and bins, Flouresecent lighting hurts the eyes.<br />
Orange squash. Plastic cups and plastic sandwiches and warm milk and microwaved meals. Pot noodles.<br />
Kitchen.<br />
Miriam Webber is a skydiver. She works so that she can sky dive every weekend. Blue Sky Thinking.<br />
Andy Jacobs supports The Albion. Hannah Wilcox is a temp. She types in all the numers. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.<br />
Pat Harvey has worked here for the past 20 years. She is waiting to retire.<br />
Laurence Trebuchet has hot + sweaty feet. You know when he has been in a room.<br />
Dave Peters stares at Jess Russell. Jess Russell stares out of the window.<br />
Meeting Room. Where people meet.<br />
Conran Ball is disorganised. Terry Smith likes Andrew Lloyd Webber songs.<br />
Jake Simons used to be a choirboy. Angela Snow hates singing. She supports Hull.<br />
Rachel Harris is married. Her husband is good looking but boring. She thinks of her ex-boyfriend. A lot.<br />
Rich Williams runs the office fantasy football. Adam Lewis loves football and Rich Williams.<br />
Charlie Harrop believes she is a witch. She goes to Black Mass in the local church hall.<br />Alice Humphries has bought two pregnancy testing kits. Still not pregnant.<br />
These people sing show tunes. OFTEN. It kills the time.<br />
Amos Simpson likes to flirt. It hurts people.<br />He supports QPR.<br />Adrian Hume wants to be a boss and get a pay rise. He likes power. <br />
It was here the office heard wind of the Crash.<br />Jonathan Hunt doesn&apos;t want to be here. He wants to play professional golf.<br />
John Simonsen is engaged to Katy Rommel. He really loves her.<br />Simon Meyer deals in weed and pills. HE NEVER TOUCHES IT.<br />
John Simonsen finds Conran Ball VERY frustrating.<br />
Sam McCann got a first class degree. His weed habit makes him forget.<br />Geoff Travers keeps vodka in his desk. He thinks no-one knows.<br />
Sarah Jenkins tries hard to type in the numbers. So pointless.<br />Alex Black looks after his Gran. He wishes he was one of the boys.<br />
Alex Black and Jon Hunt are drinking buddies.<br />
Mel Jenkins doesn&apos;t understand the numbers. What are they for?<br />Harriet Murphy fancies Amos, Jamie and Rich. She&apos;s not fussy.<br />
Ellen Graham bitches to Harriet Murphy.<br />
Linda Wright&apos;s stomach gets larger and larger.<br />Pat Harvey says there must be SOMETHING WRONG.<br />
Gill Metcalfe hates her job but is too scared to leave. It&apos;s time, Gill...<br />Ellen Graham hates Gill Metcalfe and her stupid face.<br />
Gill Metcalfe and Linda Wright go to a book group.<br />
Paul Wainwright and his wife take part in civil war reenactments.<br />Katy Rommel watches the clock on the wall.<br />Tick tock tick tock tick tock<br />
This group of people like to share puns. OFTEN. It kills the time.<br />
Stuart Williams is happy. H A P P Y.<br />The office is hot. The air-con whirs rustily. Sometimes it works.<br />
Sophie Frazer is a temp. She is in love with Rob from Marketing. It makes her sick with nerves. He doesn&apos;t know.<br />
Rob Barcombe is handsome but DEEPLY unremarkable.<br />Chris Emmanuelle is new. He feels small and left out. He can&apos;t remember where the loo is.<br /><br />
There was kissing here.<br />
Harry Watts will get the sack if he keeps on arriving late.<br />Andy Hummer never wants to be out of work again. Ever.<br />
Paul Jenkins met a Polish girl and got engaged six weeks later. His colleagues are doubtful.
Large table. I don&apos;t know what this is for.
Charlie Harrop files. She likes the dark.
Alice Humphries does a lot of photocopying. She likes the smell of the ink.
Charlie Harrop puts a spell on Amos Simpson.
Rachel Harris and Alice Humphries take fag breaks together. They think Charlie Harrop is wierd.
Laurence Trebuchet likes to talk to Miriam Webber. His shoes squeak as he walks.
Geoff Travers once kissed Pat Harvey 20 years ago. They never talk about it. Shame.
Harry Watts is supposed to show Chris Emmanuelle what to do. He is useless.
Phil Jenkins shares a lift with Linda Wright every day. He wonders if she has a secret crush on him. He is deluded. She has a crush on Amos Simpson.
Post Room. This is where Alf Jones works. He delivers post to the whole building. His days are numbered.
He has been here man and boy. He knows everything and everyone. It is his world.
TIMES ARE CHANGING. Sometimes Alf thinks about retirement.
There was kissing here amongst all the numbers.
Follow the rules. He&apos;s not here to be liked.
This is the office of Mr Jon Capaldi. He is a company man.
He really cares about all the numbers. The numbers feed him. Numbers mean more than people.
He looks over it all from his perfect place of power. Hiring and firing. He likes to talk to the pretty ones. He&apos;s not sure of their names. He doesn&apos;t really care.
In 1972, Ray Tomlinson used the @ key to define sending mail from one computer to another. So easy.
Names are important. Every morning he opens the post and takes his trolley to every desk, every person in the office to deliver their mail.
Medieval offices = Chanceries...Pigeonholes of scrolls + records. MOAN HERE. This is where Sophie Frazer and Jess Russell come to gossip and moan.
Before the printing press, there was little difference between the library and a private office- a place to read books and write letters...
1395 Geoffrey Chaucer uses the word &apos;office&apos; for the first time in &apos;The Canterbury Tales&apos;. He probably smirked at it. Nothing changes.
Filing Area. This is where the numbers are filed. The first purpose built offices were built in the eighteenth century.
A map by Helen Cann describing the lives and interactions of the people working in an imaginary office based on a real life office space- Prestamex House in Brighton. The map was first shown in the exhibition &apos;Correspondence&apos; at Prestamex House. I aimed to present new ways of looking at a location and how reality and virtual and imagined spaces can correspond with each other.

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