Mountain Goat Run map
<b>The SU Marching Band plays outside Manley Field House.</b><i><br />Photos courtesy of the Sour Sitrus Society</i><b></b>
<b>Words of encouragement are written on the pavement of a hill in Thornden Park. </b><i><br />Photo by Dennis Nett</i>
<b>The Strathmore neighborhood has a tradition of supporting runners. </b>Some of these photos are from Goat Fest 2012, courtesy of the Strathmore Men&apos;s Athletic Club.
<b>Slow motion clips of some of the top finishers in the May 6, 2012 Mountain Goat 10 Mile Run.</b> <i>Video by Bob Mozo</i> A few slow motion clips of some of the top finishers in the May 6, 2012 Mountain Goat 10 Mile Run.
<b>Neil Kassel: Perseverance and the Mountain Goat Run<i><br /></i></b><i>Video by Michelle Breidenbach</i> Kassel
<b>Fred Joslyn: How to survive the Mountain Goat hills<br /></b><i>Video by Michelle Breidenbach</i> Joslyn
<b>Why do I run the Mountain Goat?<br /></b><i>Video by Michelle Breidenbach</i> Why do I run the Mountain Goat?
<b>Children from the Good Ole Boys Junior Bassmasters pass out water along Onondaga St.</b> <i>Photos by Michelle Breidenbach</i>
<b>Drummers play music for the participants as they run up E. Colvin St.</b><i><br />Photo by Stephen D. Cannerelli </i>
<b>The views of Onondaga Park.</b> <i>Courtesy of Vince Miller</i>
<b>A banner of Mountain Goat race t-shirts are hung across Hancock Drive.</b> <i>Photos courtesy of Lake Effect Run Club</i>
<b>Views of Onondaga Park and the city of Syracuse from the park.</b> <i>Photos by Michelle Breidenbach</i>
<b>Walt Price is the founder of the Mountain Goat Run, he supports runners in the Strathmore neighborhood of Syracuse.</b><i><br />Video by Michelle Breidenbach</i> Price, 84, supports runners in Strathmore
<b>Views along the 10-mile Mountain Goat course.</b><i> Video by Dennis Nett</i>

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