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Step-by-Step directions for utilizing the FREE custom Graphic Organizer Backgrounds provided. This Snapguide features a FREE kit of 13 Graphic Organizer backgrounds for Padlet - perfect to customize formative assessments!
Lunch and Learns provided by Lisa Johnson (@TechChef4u) TechChef » Where I'll be next: 11/12: Miami Device, Miami, FL
ADD BASIC INFO: I like to add a title and provide a description summary for what I would like students to do with the board.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR WALLPAPER: Padlet offers a suite of custom backgrounds but I like to create my own. I have provided 15 FREE Graphic Organizer backgrounds here to be used in conjunction with Padlet. Padlet ( is a fantastic web tool for formative assessment and exit tickets. Unfortunately, this tool does not have graphic organizer backgrounds available... until now! Customize your Padlet boards with one of 15 graphic organizers ranging from KW's and Cause/Effect charts to Facts/Opinions and Examples/NonExamples!
Explore how these custom graphic organizer backgrounds can be used in a professional development setting for pre-assessment. Personalize your PD by using tools like Google Forms, Padlet, and Nearpod to learn what teachers already know and what they need to know.
SET YOUR LAYOUT: There are 3 types of layouts. If you plan on using the free graphic organizers as your background, use FreeForm so you can easily sort and place them. Two other options are stream (similar to Facebook) or Grid (similar to Pinterest).
CUSTOMIZE YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGS: I always choose Hidden Link so it is not searchable via Google but you can always opt to password protect the page too. If you have a collaborative teacher or co-teacher you can also add that person as co-moderator my email.
EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: If you plan to use the board on a daily basis, you might want to leave this on. If you opt to use the boards as a throw-away chat or discussion, I would keep this option unchecked.
COPYING BOARDS: Many times secondary teachers have multiple sections of the same class. Using the copy function, one can duplicate the board without all of the posts (for another class).
CUSTOMIZE YOUR ADDRESS: Padlet provides users with a unique URL with multiple characters - it is not easy for students to remember or type. I would advise customizing the url (e.g. Period 1, Topic 1, Shakespeare, etc...) to make it easier for students to locate and access the board.
SHARING: There are multiple ways to share boards varying from links and embed codes (perfect for a teacher website or Weebly) to even a QR code. One of my favorites is the option to download the board's responses as a PDF. This is great if you want to use the discussion as a starter for class tomorrow (e.g. students could review misconceptions or sentences and build off of them the next class period).
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MORE TIPS: Student Privacy: If using this tool with students, take great care in how they are providing content and identifying (e.g. names, photos, etc...) information. Collecting Student Work: Consider collecting student work that you want to make available to other students (e.g. Thinglinks or Quizlet decks that have been jigsawed within a chapter).
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TROUBLESHOOTING: If students are having issues with accessing the board, make sure that they are signed in to Novell and that their device is in landscape (instead of portrait). If students do not see the most updated posts to the board, make sure that they refresh the page.
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