underground railroad
Conductor: Harriet Tubman was a famous conductor.she escaped into freedom and went back for other slaves. She led them safly to the Northern free state and to Canada. Also made sure all of her slaves made it and didn't forget one. she would never give up on her slaves. www.freemaninstitute.com
Station Masters: Station Masters help escape 100,000 of slaves . Also what they would do is help them on their journey to freedom. Also hide them so the slave catchers wouldn't catch them. They also had a signal that would alert them when to move and when to move to the next station. hiding slave was dangerous because if you got caught you would get in trouble to. You would be risking your own life. s.hswstatic.com
Ohio River : It was the boarder line between north and south states. It free most of the North. It helped the fugitives hide and escape to freedom and anywhere outside of the united states. If any slave crossed the Ohio River they were free. But if your slave master came and got you you had to go back. www.michiganquarterlyreview.com
Canada:Canada is North so it meant it was freedom. They would follow the north star to the undergound railroad to find freedom in canada. They wanted to go to Canada or anyother state to make sure they were safe .If African Americans made it to canada they were free. Once you reach Canada your owner couldnt come and get you you were free. www.dusablemuseum.org
video youtu.be An informational video about The Underground Railroad.
fugitive slave law: If you were a fudgitive slave you werent aloud in Ohio. If they helped them to freedom and folks found out you would get in trouble to. You would be risking your life .They could hardly trust anyone. If you ran away they would set out rewards for people who found you. freedomcenter.org
Starting Point: Living in the plantations was scary.. You didnt know weather you would stay with your family or get sold to another family. When you were younge you still worked you would work in the "Big House". When you got older it got harder because you had to go out in the field and work. You wouldnt get much sleep.Also all of the work you did you didnt get much food for it . africam.berkeley.edu