Boise State
Yes, their football field is actually blue.
In Boise, Idaho, 1932 Boise Junior College was formed. Then it progressed into Boise College in 1965, following into Boise State College in 1969. Finally, in 1974, Boise State College became Boise State University, or BSU. Home | Boise State University | Welcome to Boise State. Academic excellence since 1932 with a focus on research, creativity and innovation.
Boise State fight song.
Boise State Fun Facts: -Their blue football field is nicknamed the "Smurf Turf." -Boise State University and Eastern Washington University are the only colleges with non-green football fields. -In football, Boise State is famous for their "trick plays." Right after a football player scored a touchdown, he ran up to his girlfriend, and proposed to her. -Some of the most common majors at BSU are nursing, communications, and accounting. -Boise State in located in downtown Boise, the capital of Idaho. In Boise, people enjoy going outdoors, hiking, skiing, kayaking, and exploring the local nature.
The official mascot for BSU is the Broncos; the university's official colors are orange and blue.
Life at BSU See 'Life @ Boise State' through the eyes of those who know it best and experience the often-unexpected opportunities that await students here. Visit go.bois...
2007 Fiesta Bowl Boise State's victory in the 2007 Fiesta bowl earns the top 2 positions in ESPN's top 10 plays.
Outdoor Programs: Raft Guide School is where students learn rafting techniques and safety, also learning about leadership with the great outdoors.
Boise State Poem: Found in Boise, BSU, Their football field is kinda blue, Up from the mountains tall and true, Found in Boise, BSU Orange and blue, BSU, Their Mascot's the Broncos, which sticks like glue, Beautiful scenery, guess who knew, Orange and blue, BSU Found in Boise, BSU, Their football field is kinda blue, Their mascot's the Broncos, which sticks like glue, Up from the mountains, tall and true, Beautiful scenery, guess who knew, Found in Boise, BSU
Boise, Idaho: Located in southwestern Idaho, in Ada County, Boise is the largest and most populated city in the state. It is found on the Boise River, landscaped with mountains to the northeast. The metropolitan area lies on a flat plain that descends to the west. There you can also find Boise State University.

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