Paragraph- Conservation Lake Tanganyika is a non-profit organization that helps the environment of animals, plants, and people that live in the surroundings of Lake Tanganyika stay clean and beautiful. They offer many projects and fundraisers to make sure that everyone lives pleasantly. CLT does not only help people that live around Lake Tanganyika, but they promote the conservation of the lake by making fundraisers for visitors of the lake. Here is their slogan: “To promote and preserve the biodiversity of Lake Tanganyika for the sustainable benefit of its inhabitants through a partnership with the community and the government of Zambia.” Conservation Lake Tanganyika is an amazing project helping the world become a better place.
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There are over 1500 species in Lake Tanganykia, including, 600 that are endemic, and 245 that are morphologically diverse.
Speek Lates are an endemic species to Lake Tanganyika. They are about 20-27 cm in length, and are close relatives to sardines.
The Tanganyika Cichlids are one of the most well-known endemic species of Lake Tanganyika. They live in rocky areas, and come in many different colors. They are the most compatible species of fish in the world.
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Chimp Tracking video at Mahale Mountain National Park. MMNP is another national park that surrounds Lake Tanganyika. They are known for having the last wild chimps. The best time to visit them is during the dry season. There you might enjoy sport fishing, rock climbing, or chimp tracking. MMNP is an amazing national park. Thank you for watching my videos. Animal specialty channel is GENZA333. 【This is MY CHANNEL】↓ 【SUBSCRIBE Please】↓ https...
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