SXSWEDU 2015 TechChef4u Epic PD Recap
Guide to App-Smashing with Thinglink and Canva and the latest scoop on updates on the Thinglink app. TechChef » App Smashing with Thinglink… Yes I Can…va!
Original Image by Lisa Johnson embellished using Canva. TechChef » Where I'll be next: 11/12: Miami Device, Miami, FL
&quot;If I Knew Then... What I Know Now...&quot; - What No One Tells You About Social Media in Education <i>(includes a recap and reflection on both of Guy&apos;s talks)</i>.- Ask Yourself, &quot;What Soft Skills are important for our students to experience and explore before they leave our institution?&quot; TechChef » What No One Tells You About Social Media in Education
Guy&apos;s SXSWEDU Talk SXSWedu 2015 Featured SessionIf I Knew Then What I Know NowGuy Kawasaki, Canva Chief EvangelistEntrepreneurial education is booming. It is no surprise given ...
&quot;How Do We Create Binge-Worthy Learning?&quot;- Learning isn’t linear - Students have Consumerized Expectatations (everything should work just like Facebook)- Students love creating content, too..- Use data to inform your content creation- Ask Yourself, &quot;What can we learn from Netflix and the delivery of content?&quot; SXSWedu 2015 presentation: Video is eating the internet - and millennials are consuming more of it than anybody else. Binging on content is now a big part of t…
&quot;The Butterfly Effect: Inspiring Quality Work&quot; - Students need to design work that is not just good enough to pass but better than they could possibly do.- Project Boards: Students are managers of their own content and take more ownership over the process...Are you ready for a critique? - Rubric for each new aspect of the critique- Ask Yourself, &quot;Do we want a treadmill of cranking out work or for students to fashion something of actual quality?&quot; Models of Excellence | The Center for High-Quality Student Work
The 2nd grade class at Conservatory Lab Charter School wrote and performed this song to share what they had learned about snakes through their learning expedition. The 2nd grade class at Conservatory Lab Charter School wrote and performed this song to share what they had learned about snakes through their learning exped...
&quot;Employers Need More Than Just a Test Score&quot; - Linda Darling Hammond and Stephan Turnipseed did such a fantastic job with this session! <i>I had far too many notes on this one... so here is a link to my Evernote ;)</i> Linda Darling Hammond and StephanTurnipseed Entry Task: Build a duck with these legos - Is your duck exactly like my duck? If so, you pass and if not you fail Creativity is not about learning creativi...
&quot;Getting to Graduation: Redesigning Higher Education for Student Success&quot; - This was a panel presentation that included a variety of perspectives as well as a speech from Jill Biden herself. Getting to Graduation: Redesigning Higher Education for Student Success embrace disruptive thinking and tackle the challenges every person deserves the right to live a healthy and productive life stud...
I also attended an Ed Tech Shark Tank where Ed Tech Start Ups pitched to a panel of educators. Some of the evaluation questions I found to be very useful:- Have they chosen an important problem?- How easy is it to use the product?- Does the product show compelling and believable results?- How likely would you recommend this tool? The success of shows like “Shark Tank” is very telling of the pleasure we get from watching well-intentioned entrepreneurs have their ideas torn apart ...
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Check out my SXSWEDU 2014 Epic Recap... : votre guide shopping et guide d'achat !
I devoured the book in less than an hour...
I learned a lot from my breakfast with Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist of Cava.
And it was pretty #awesomesauce to be included in Guy&apos;s collection of stock photos ;) Parody of the Vince-Vaughn stock photos. Taken at SXSW 2015 with "models" such as Tim Ferris, Salman Kahn, Peg Fitzpatrick, Brian Solis, and Dave McClure.
And I got to pop in to Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick&apos;s session at interactive... &quot;The Art of Social Media&quot; and have included the slide deck in my recap<i> (see nubbin 1).</i>
Slithering Snake eBook SLITHERING SNAKE STORIES 1 :
Debbie Smith&apos;s Recap of Day 1 Charles Best
Debbie Smith&apos;s Recap of Day 2 Choices for projects: newspaper article, photo essay videos, tide calendar . Love the idea of students using photo essays.  Gold Standard PBL
Debbie Smith&apos;s Recap of Day 3 50 Great Teachers
Check out Lisa Johnson&apos;s (@TechChef4u&apos;s): 40+ Thinglinks TechChef4u has an interactive profile on ThingLink
Oh... and did I mention I walked the Ed Tech Social Media Cat Walk ;) “The social media catwalk with @mrhooker #iparent #SXSWedu”
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Read the full TechChef4u post that delineates how I designed this Epic PD Recap. TechChef » Sweet Learning Nuggets from SXSWEDU 2015

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