What effect has the British exploration had on Hong Kong?
A photo timeline to show the changes in Hong Kong fashion from 1800 - 2015. www.tiki-toki.com This timeline shows photos of Hong Kong people over the last 215 years.
Hong Kong's changing skyline. hongwrong.com A brief visual history of how the Hong Kong skyline and habour developed over the decades.
See how Hong Kong has changed over the years. hongwrong.com Side-by-side comparisons of old and new Hong Kong through photography.
Find out the history of some of Hong Kong's most famous streets. hkcitylife.com City Life
A map to show the changing landscape of Hong Kong from 1977 - 1996 http://www.landsd.gov.hk/mapping/en/download/download/map/ar9_4e.jpg www.landsd.gov.hk
Map of British Hong Kong c.1900 media-1.web.britannica.com
infogr.am A chart to show Religious Beliefs in Hong Kong by Ms Katie Trethewy - Infogram
The origin of Hong Kong place names en.wikipedia.org Origins of names of cities and towns in Hong Kong - Wikipedia
January 1, 1939Charity fashion show"Only here under the protection of the Union Jack does Miss China feel completely free" youtu.be Item title reads - Hong Kong. M/S of Chinese actress Kan Wung Chung (?) stood talking to a man. C/U of her laughing face. M/S as she takes part in a fashion ...

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