ZTK Jadranska zona
БАРЕТА BARETA The low red or purple cap has a tiny bit of gold braid trim along the rim.
ПРЕСАМИТАЧ PRESAMITAČ The name means "the vest that folds over". Sometimes a jacket or second vest (fermen) are worn over it.
КОШУЉА KOŠULJA Plain, no embroidery, white cotton.
СИЛАВ SILAV A wide satin, silk or cotton sash, very long and wrapped around the waist several times. Often just a single colour, sometimes striped.
ГАЋЕ GAĆE The pants only reach to the calf.
ДОКОЛЕНИЦЕ DOKOLENICE The socks meet the pants, at the knee.
ЦРЕВЉЕ CREVLJE Light leather slippers, usually red.
ФАЦОЛЕТ FACOLET Like a lot of word borrowings in this zone, which used to be part of the Venetian Republic for centuries, this is the Italian word for kerchief or handkerchief.
КОШУЉА  KOŠULJA Cotton, but for festive occasions even silk. Handmade lace is very common as a collar decoration. Not a lot of embroidery, but that depends on the region.
ПРЕГЉАЧА PREGLJAČA A simple, long apron of silk, satin or velvet.
ПАС PAS The belt was either woven linen or industrially made silk or satin. It was very long, but only tied once around the waist, so that the ends could hang decoratively.
КОТУЛА KOTULA A long, single colour skirt.
ЈАКЕТА JAKETA From Italian giacchetto, jacket. Usually velvet, with subtle trim in either braid (gajtan) or metal wire (srma)
ЦРЕВЉЕ CREVLJE Like the men, women wore light shoes of soft leather. They were most often red, but black and blue were also worn.
www.flickr.com Podkolo - Lindjo, Konavli i Dubrovacka Zupa

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