Solve an Ocean Problem
Learn about a special ship that helped get rid of some of the ocean pollution. Plastiki
Pick ONE ocean problem (on the right), and read about it.
Think about a solution to the ocean problem you read about.
1. Go to the Seesaw app on an iPad. 2. Log in to your class's account. 3. Use the drawing page to write an ocean problem with your finger and illustrate what you would do to solve that problem. 4. Use the microphone feature to explain more about your solution (everyone in your group should get a chance to talk). 5. Turn it in to your journal.
Problem: disappearing coral reefs Coral Reefs.pdf
Problem: marine habitat destruction Marine Habitat Destruction.pdf
Problem: marine pollution Marine Pollution.pdf
Problem: acid in the ocean Ocean Acid.pdf
Problem: oil spills Oil Spills.pdf
Problem: overfishing Overfishing.pdf

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