The Donner Party Map
April 14, 1846 - The Reeds left Springfield Illinois to go to CA. They met up with the Donner family, they traveled together. There was about 91 people.
May 10, 1846- The Reeds came to Independence to get more oxen, food, and clothes. This was the last town until they got to CA.
May 26, 1846- Grandma died on the banks of blue river on the trip.
August 27,1846-They crossed the salt lake desert without water. They had to leave many, many of their belongings.
November 1846- The donner party got to the Sierra Nevada in November but it was too late, snow started to fall. Someone came to rescue them. Less than half of them survived.
They got to Sutter's Fort and had a successful life in CA.
The Reeds got to Sutter's Fort and had a successful life in CA.
July 4, 1846- The Donner Party had a celebration for the Fourth of July.

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