#ARmacul Padlet padlet.com This Padlet is a collaborative think tank that includes ideas from different educators on how to use augmented reality in education #ARmacul
What kids think of AR padlet.com Made with Padlet
Genius Hour Collaboration Detailed Lesson Plan mrswever.weebly.com Writing in the late 80s and 90s One of the activities I remember most about elementary school was writing letters to my pen pals.  It didn't matter the grade level, usually my teacher had a best...
Genius Hour Collaboration twitter.com “Did a @GoogleHangout with @WeverWorld today to meet the 4th graders who helped is with #geniushour”
How I Used AR in Kindergarten missgalang.weebly.com Curious to see what going to school with Miss Galang is like?  Visit the  Galang Gang  in our virtual classroom!  I maintain a classroom website that is used by parents and students.  This...
What is Augmented Reality blogs.ksbe.edu Page not found | Technology with Miss Galang
www.youtube.com This video is about Augmented Reality
AR Tips & Tricks Presentation www.canva.com Tips & Tricks AUGMENTED REALITY Mary Wever Rachelle Galang #ARmacul http://goo.gl/h3KeRP IKEA VIDEO

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