Using a flashlight, prism, mirror, and piece of black paper, create a path of light on your table, as shown in this picture.
Log in to your class's Seesaw account. Take a picture of the setup you built in step #1. Use the color yellow to draw the path of light on the picture. Use different colors to label where light is reflected, refracted, and absorbed. Turn it in. (Click the ? for a reminder about reflection, refraction, and absorption.)
Reflection: when light bounces off objects. Refraction: when light bends. Absorption: when light is taken in (absorbed). (Click the link below for pictures about reflection and refraction.) Light Lesson on Refraction & Reflection - Reflection & Refraction Worksheets for Elementary School - Science Lessons.
Watch this Bill Nye clip about convex and concave lenses. *Consider the volume level of your device -- do not be a disruption to your neighbors! - Bill Nye: Convex/Concave...
Use the convex lens, concave lens, and spoon to explore light.
Open the Seesaw app. Go to the drawing page. Draw both kinds of lenses and use the recording feature to explain what they do. Turn it in.

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