Recent releases by John Green, Neil Gaiman, and Robert Galbraith are prominent on the rectangular table to the left, and Maus can be seen at the circular table on the right. The lighting is also fantastic! Full-size image:
This area of the new Green Room, in particular, reminds me of chain bookstores like Books-A-Million--souvenirs are near the front of the store, with shirts visible to the outside through the windows. Full-size image:,h_426,w_640/powells_lh5zrt.jpg
The light over the New Faves table is so bright! It's also a sort of island in the store; there's a lot of open space between this table and the ramp to the Blue Room (but there are more big titles just a couple feet away). Full-size image:
On one hand, it makes sense that the highest-traffic area of the store would leave lots of open space in front of the entrance. On the other, this obviously leaves less room for books and demonstrates the power of the mainstream book market in a very literal way. Full-size image:
Full-size image:

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