A Cat's Guide to Wonderland
This isn&apos;t the first time the National Ballet of Canada is tackling <i>Alice&apos;s Adventures in Wonderland</i>. In 2011, the company co-produced a $2 million production that earned rave reviews. torontoist.com This Alice gets a particularly elaborate unbirthday. Jillian Vanstone as Alice, Robert Stephen as the Mad Hatter, and Jonathan Renna as the March Hare. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Four Seasons Centre (145 Queen St. West) June 4–12 and June 23–25 The Luminato festival is a lot of things: international, diverse,
www.youtube.com Onstage: March 14—29, 2015 More Information: http://national.ballet.ca/performances/season1415/Alice/
<i>Alice</i> is part of a broader trend for the National Ballet, which is leading a resurgence in narrative performances. In addition to <i>Alice</i>, the company has performed <i>Romeo and Juliet</i>, <i>Nijinsky</i>, and <i>Manon</i> in recent years. <i>Le Petit Prince</i> and <i>The Winter&apos;s Tale</i> are highlights of their 2015-16 schedule. torontoist.com The National Ballet of Canada is paving the way for a new era of narrative ballet—and taking their performances to new frontiers.
There are eight dancers who make up the Cheshire Cat, the same number who make up the Caterpillar. imgur.com Imgur
Hear theatre director and <i>Harry Potter</i> actor Fiona Shaw read what&apos;s going on in this scene. soundcloud.com Extracts from a recording of Fiona Shaw reading Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. These audio clips are featured in the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Digital Programme. For more in
www.youtube.com Choreographer Christopher Wheeldon talks about bringing Lewis Carroll’s beloved story to life in his internationally celebrated production of Alice’s Adventu...
In September 2011, CBC&apos;s Wachtel on the Arts spoke to acclaimed <i>Alice</i> choreograher Christopher Wheeldon. &quot;To be able to take something from my childhood and put it out there for the audience to see,&quot; he said, &quot;is kind of a magical thing.&quot; www.cbc.ca Eleanor Wachtel speaks with British choreographer, Christopher Wheeldon. Still in his thirties, he's already a leading figure in the ballet world on both sides of the Atlantic. And his stylish work has enticed a new, younger audience to see classical dance. His latest work, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, became the biggest ever box-office hit in the regular season at the National Ballet of Canada.
Principal Dancer Sonia Rodriguez will celebrate 25 years with the National Ballet of Canada this year. imgur.com Imgur
Alice&apos;s Adventures in Wonderland runs from March 14 to 29 at the National Ballet of Canada, 145 Queen Street West. <br /><i></i> imgur.com Imgur

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