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In this animated cartoon the soldier loses 12 of his men from his original platoon. He then explains how now he has to clean up all their personal belongings and their letters they did not get send home. HE now has to go and meet all his family members and partners which triggers even more memories back, making it harder for them. storycorps.org Stories from people of all backgrounds and beliefs
This article highlights that for every one soldier that is killed or dies in war at least ten people are affected by the casualty. They all have a hard time moving on so this website was created to help families move on. www.taps.org
This picture is a scene from the movie American Sniper. In the picture the main character Kyle is sitting near two caskets full of grief due to his soldiers death. For him it is a tough thing to go through because the friends that were their with him when he was inform he was having a baby boy, the friends that he shared laughs with will no longer see the sun. a.abcnews.com
My theme statement informs my audience that whenever a family loses a loved one they go through a rough time to understand and accept the fact that their relative or friend is now gone. Throughout the novel of The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien soldiers are constantly getting more and more attached to certain people. Once they lose that person they each have their time, short or long, where they just can't accept the fact that they are gone. For example Norman Bowker is one of the couple of characters that blame himself for Kiowa’s death. He is so affected by Kiowa’s death that he decides to write his father a letter explaining everything.
The story that struck me the most is On the Rainy River. This story hit me the most because it is the story where Tim O'Brien gets drafted to war. He thinks about dodging the war and go to Canada. He has the chance but does not take it because he is afraid of being called a coward. Every single man is scared of dodging the war because they don't want to be called cowards or be an embarrassment. I think this struck me the most because he had the chance to leave his country dodge the war and actually live, but he risks his own life and goes of to war. I think the message O'Brien was trying to make is that people were so scared of being called they would rather risks their life's.