Expedition 42/43 #ISS Interactive Map - Sam's Pictures
#SpaceInvader found its place in #Columbus @esa lab twitter.com “I'm happy you found your spot here in #Columbus... we might need help with our @esa experiments ;) #space2iss”
Soyuz TMA-14M undocking twitter.com “Soon Earthbound! RT @Space_Station: #Soyuz is about 12 km from @Space_Station. Deorbit burn set for 9:16pm ET.”
Alexander Sasha Samokutyaev closes Soyuz TMA-14M hatch to return to Earth twitter.com “And then it was time for Sasha to close the Soyuz hatch. They're in there now, undocking in a couple of hours!”
#Exp.42 crew last picture together in space twitter.com “Our last minutes together as #Exp42 crew. It's been a pleasure serving on #ISS with these wonderful people.”
Empty Soyuz TMA-14M waiting for departure twitter.com “RT @NASA_Astronauts: “#Empty Soyuz spacecraft waiting to take me back to Earth tomorrow.” -#AstroButch”
Canadarm2 & SPDM "Dextre" twitter.com “Earth, the aurora, the stars... but #OurOutpostInSpace is a beautiful sight too, isn't it? #HelloEarth”
http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/research/news/Astronaut_Vision.html<br /><br />http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/research/news/vision_changes.html twitter.com “Here on the #ISS we keep an eye on each other with this fundoscope! #Futura42 @ISS_Research”
Preparing for Exp.42 #EVA30 on March 1st 2015 twitter.com “Preparing @AstroTerry and #AstroButch for their #spacewalk outside the #ISS last week: it's all about the teamwork :)”
twitter.com “Literally throwing myself into work! (IT) Quando si dice gettarsi nel lavoro! #Futura42”
Exercising on the threadmill in Destiny lab twitter.com “.@fabfazio Intanto corro intorno alla Terra… allenamento cardiovascolare, ma l’impatto sulla pedana aiuta le ossa!”
100 days in space twitter.com “L+100-101: Logbook. Busy times with 3 spacewalks in 8 days &amp; preparing for new crewmates. https://t.co/gpKTfc7v6t”
twitter.com “Good night from #space. Buona notte dallo spazio.”
Replacing the toilet pre-treat tank twitter.com “In space-plumber mode, replacing the pre-treat tank in our toilet. In modalita' "idraulica spaziale".”
twitter.com “How to release a #Dragon... Trying out some #spacevine. More to come! https://t.co/lI4FQDtrVc”
twitter.com “They look almost fragile, don't they? Solar panels are the source of electrical power on #ISS. #OurOutpostInSpace”
Tribute to Leonard Nimoy twitter.com “"Of all the souls I have encountered.. his was the most human." Thx @TheRealNimoy for bringing Spock to life for us.”
twitter.com “Two more #Cubesats released today. Always nice to see them take off on their #space journey.”
twitter.com “(IT) Gran parte del'equipaggiamento essenziale della #ISS si trova lungo l'intelaiatura, nel vuoto dello spazio.”
twitter.com “Finally, at very end of the spacewalk @AstroTerry was visibile from the Cupola. Now time to get them back inside!”
twitter.com “Good night from #space. Buona notte dallo spazio.”
twitter.com “(IT) MT @Avamposto42: Come ci si allena nello spazio in microgravità? http://t.co/BnSXiSl46k”
twitter.com “Our Sabatier unit. After some out-of-service time, it's now making water again out of Hydrogen and CO2.”
twitter.com “Sometimes to look things #upsidedown is the only way to see them for what they really are.Happy birthday #Copernicus!”
twitter.com “Pssst, #SpaceInvader…These are the EMU suits for tomorrow’s spacewalk. Spooky eh? #space2iss”
twitter.com “#DontPanic;) MT @AstroTerry: “SAFER” VR sim- the jet pack we use to get back to ISS if we float away during spacewalk”
twitter.com “Happy BDay A. #Volta! Some of the white "boxes" at the end of the truss are batteries, to power ISS at orbital night”
twitter.com “Group picture in #ATV5 before closing the hatch last Fr. Was hard to fit the 6 of us in the little space remaining!”
twitter.com “Here she comes! Progress #ISScargo craft a few meters from #ISS, she took the parking spot that #ATV5 freed up on Sat”
twitter.com “Leak check after hatch closing. Pressure gauge is connected to valve assembly &amp; a path can be opened to the vestibule”
twitter.com “Before closing the hatch we removed the 16 yellow clamps, which helped to keep #ATV5 rigidly attached to #ISS.”
twitter.com “A look into #ATV5 just before hatch closing last week. In the center the active part of the Russian docking system.”
twitter.com “(IT) Usando l'airlock giapponese e il tavolo scorrevole possiamo trasferire all'esterno il piccolo satellite.”
twitter.com “Our dear #Soyuz spaceship resting at her parking spot just outside our window.”
twitter.com “And in the meantime @AstroTerry watched #ATV5 depart from the Russian docking compartment window.”
twitter.com “#ATV5 has departed!”
twitter.com “Great! #SpaceInvader is staying with us! Let's find you a place... #space2iss”
twitter.com “L+74 to L+75: Logbook. We have sent #Dragon back home yesterday! #SamLogbook #Futura42 https://t.co/NfucrIf7Iw”
twitter.com “Here she goes! Canadarm is moving #Dragon to the release position. Follow from 19:45 CET http://t.co/MFYMAE2T0e”
twitter.com “#Dragon leaves on Tuesday. No more cool shadows on its solar panels. Dragon parte martedi', addio ombre sui pannelli.”
twitter.com “L+72/73: Logbook. Wow, this has been a busy week! But we can still catch up a little bit... https://t.co/5JCa08cErX”
twitter.com “I went to dig in our “art supplies” bag for a special occasion: welcome Estonia in the @ESA family. Tere Eesti!”
twitter.com “Good morning #SpaceInvader... we already had breakfast! Hurry up, we have a lot of work to do today :) #space2iss”
twitter.com “One last peak before bedtime. Un'ultima occhiata prima di dormire.”
twitter.com “. @Intercultura_IT You have made a brave choice, that will enrich you in ways you can’t even imagine yet...enjoy it!”
twitter.com “L+59-65: Logbook. I made new space friends... the worms C. Elegans from the Epigenetics exp! https://t.co/panvfHvqZV”
twitter.com “Peaking between our Soyuz and the PMM, as the solar arrays are passing by catching the first solar light at sunrise.”
twitter.com “A monster lurking in the darkness? Un mostro in agguato nell'oscurita'?”
twitter.com “(IT) L+55: Diario di Bordo. Venerdì abbiamo aiutato con @ZeroRobotics... siete troppo forti! http://t.co/fNIGca6iqi”
twitter.com “Russian resupply ship Progress emerging from darkness - similar to a Soyuz but not crewed. #OurOutpostInSpace”
twitter.com “Hey my friend... I know that floating is really fun, but where are you going? #space2iss #SpaceInvader”
twitter.com “Here's the T-Cell exp I worked on in the last few days on a very tight schedule! Find out why: http://t.co/BGrJny4X58”
twitter.com “.@AstroTerry It already looks a lot roomier now! Unloading a cold bag with immune cell samples for @ESA exp T-Cell.”
twitter.com “Thanks for delivering some fresh fruit, #Dragon! (Yes, the @AstroFruitFlies too). Grazie della consegna, Dragon!”
twitter.com “Good night from #space! They left a little light on on Dragon. Buona notte. E' rimasta una lucina accesa su #Dragon.”
twitter.com “Now @AstroTerry and #AstroButch are working on the vestibule. Tomorrow we'll ingress and start unloading. #Dragon”
twitter.com “A #Dragon is coming! #DontPanic and be ready to capture it! #ISSCargo”
twitter.com “While master @AstroTerry cuts, apprentice @AntonAstrey is at the vacuum cleaner. Apprendista Anton all'aspirapolvere.”
twitter.com “New Year, time for a haircut. Setting up shop at "Chez Terry". Anno nuovo, ora di tagliare i capelli da "Chez Terry".”
twitter.com “Just after #Moscow midnight last night. Then we celebrated again for #Europe &amp; of course Station 2015! #HappyNewYear”
twitter.com “MT @Paxi_ESAKids: Thanks @AstroSamantha for selecting @esa's 'Futura' competition winners! http://t.co/hWCrxOpznf”
twitter.com “After hundreds of simulator hours, yesterday I got to fly the real robotic arm in #space in prep for #Dragon capture!”
twitter.com “Life is busy up here, it’s nice when we get a chance to hang out all together! #GreatFriends”
twitter.com “Not quite successful when #AstroButch and I worked on it last week,but in the meantime ARED is fully back in service!”
twitter.com “L+16/17: Logbook. #AstroButch and I worked on the Fan-Pump-Separator, FPS to friends. https://t.co/PrAuoD9ibh”
twitter.com “Today let's celebrate on Earth and in #space #TerraMadreDay together with @SlowFoodHQ https://t.co/9lUyUCmjdZ”
twitter.com “From our Cupola view, it looks like our main robotic arm is Dextre’s neck and head. Not true, of course, but funny!”
twitter.com “This is Dextre, he lives outside.A good guy, but doesn’t hang out with us much.He’s commanded remotely from #Canada.”
twitter.com “.@fabfazio Qui vola tutto ma abbiamo il velcro, persino sui pantaloni. Niente pollini o virus, ma tanta polvere si!”
twitter.com “Nice of you to visit on #PiDay. I'm a big fan of rationality, but you... I love how irrational you are! #MathIsCool”
twitter.com “(IT) Ogni volta .@AstroTerry sa benissimo se sono stata io a usare la bicicletta per ultima! #AstronautiDiOgniTaglia”
TripleLux Experiment http://t.co/PW54JiA9Ge http://t.co/KNNFAtwxlx Biolab http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Human_Spaceflight/Columbus/Biolab twitter.com “Reinstalling centrifuge rotors after maintenance on Biolab facility this morning: ready for the TripleLux experiment!”
twitter.com “#ThingsILoveAboutSpace... that you never need a ladder. / Quassu' non serve mai una scala.”
twitter.com “What a view from the @Space_Station balcony! / (IT) Che vista dal "balcone" della Stazione Spaziale! #Futura”
twitter.com “When the external lights are turned on, it makes for interesting shadows on #OurOutpostInSpace.”
twitter.com “Our crew dressed in green yesterday for #StPatricksDay RT @AstroTerry: A final "green" tribute to #StPatrick. #Exp43”
twitter.com “@Rainmaker1973 Those tricky hatches! ;) #ISS has quite a lot of them. This is from @ESAstro_trainer. Enjoy! :)”
twitter.com “Captivating view... Progress cargo spaceship ablaze in a ghostly green and red glow. #OurOutpostInSpace”
twitter.com “On Earth, like on ISS, water is limited: let's use it wisely. We're all crew of spaceship Earth. #WWDR2015”
twitter.com “Did Triplelux experiment &amp; cabin filter replacement today . Noticed that Columbus was in the hands of Italian ladies!”
twitter.com “Serena &amp; Martina talked to me on space-to-ground as EUROCOMs and Laura was the systems specialist on duty in COL-CC.”
Hamradio Antenna twitter.com “@Rainmaker1973 @AstroSamantha @patria1808 @simonagovoni1 Great Map! My favourite piece of Columbus is the Antenna ;)”
twitter.com “.@fabfazio Ed ecco "l'armadio dei vestiti" (e Columbus sullo sfondo). La busta contiene l'occorrente per 2 settimane”
twitter.com “That's what happens if you forget to seal your drink bag straw! /(IT) Quando non si sigilla la cannuccia... :-)”
Getting rid of foam twitter.com “Fun moments of Expedition 42... thanks to #ATV5 and the tireless efforts of #AstroButch, we got rid a A LOT of foam.”
2n haircut for Samantha twitter.com “Another haircut day for @AstroSamantha. Maybe I'll have a second career after astronaut! #spacevine https://t.co/tK903J1672”
twitter.com “Have I mentioned how I love it when the Space Station is cuddled by this orange embrace? #HelloEarth”
twitter.com “. @Thom_astro the rehydrated asparagus are my favourite #spacefood veggie here! Hope you liked them :)”
twitter.com Twitter / ?
twitter.com “It lasts only a few secs, then this cold metallic light takes over for a little, until the darkness of orbital night.”
Earth Hour twitter.com “Join #EarthHour this Saturday, switch off the lights at 8:30 pm local time: http://t.co/HYW0dhi7O4”
twitter.com “European lab #Columbus is ready to welcome #YearInSpace Thx @Astrosamantha for the clean-up! #Futura42”
by Massimo twitter.com The latest Tweets from Massimo (@Rainmaker1973). Astronomy, astronautics, meteorology, physics. @Coelum_news columnist. Engineer, trying to build the big picture of #science via pics, videos & links. Italy, North by Northwest
twitter.com “Humans welcoming other humans in space RT @NASA: Soon hatches open for @StationCDRKelly &amp; crew http://t.co/5jADUVq3it”
Soyuz TMA-16M approaching twitter.com “Was "hugging" docking cone on our side at docking. Cool to feel them knocking at the door! Hatch opening in few min”
twitter.com “Greetings to @ItalianAirForce, "your flying team", celebrating 92 years.”
twitter.com “L+129: #Logbook. I have only #42 days left on #ISS! https://t.co/9FLgTXzxL6”
twitter.com “Anche @AstroSamantha ha avuto a che fare con questo "mostro" spaziale: uscendone vincitrice :) http://t.co/P1BiH2bPLn”
twitter.com “(IT) L+129: #DiarioDiBordo. Mi rimangono solo #42 giorni sulla #ISS! http://t.co/u8WV67JK0i”
twitter.com “I find it fascinating to look at the details of our solar panels. #OurOutpostInSpace”
twitter.com “L+131/132: #SamLogbook. Plants in space: today I worked with the @JAXA_en exp. ANISO tubule. https://t.co/CXZHL11OCt”
twitter.com “An #aurora in the distance and the Space Station bathed in moonlight. #CalmBeauty”
twitter.com “L+133: #SamLogbook. Let's talk about our task list... It's not all glamour and adrenaline :-) https://t.co/IHByNE85Ls”
twitter.com “L+134/135: #SamLogbook. New #Dragon spacecraft will arrive soon &amp; I'm prime robotic operator. https://t.co/UOkRA20fKV”
twitter.com “.@fabfazio Un po’ confusa? Scherzi a parte, mi manchera’ moltissimo la mia casa spaziale con vista pianeta Terra.”
Enhanced interactive photo tour of ISS tiny.cc
twitter.com “Happy #CosmonauticsDay and happy @YurisNight everyone! Recognize these crystals? Tiuterra https://t.co/spoRPKnFmA”
twitter.com “The delicate supporting structure of our solar panels. #OurOutpostInSpace #HelloEarth”
twitter.com “Our giant solar arrays. Feeding the planet also means creating sustainable energy. @Expo2015Milano”
twitter.com “L+141/144: #SamLogbook. Dragon was late but... #DontPanic, there's always work to do up here! https://t.co/pleFru4JpC”
twitter.com “(IT)L+141/144:#DiarioDiBordo. #Dragon era in ritardo ma #NientePanico, qui c'è sempre da fare! http://t.co/8ou6683WHN”
twitter.com “Little details of #OurOutpostInSpace.”
twitter.com “(IT) L+145-147: #DiariodiBordo. #Dragon è arrivato e iniziano gli esp. NATO e Cytospace.. http://t.co/f6bnHj4OGu”
youtu.be The astronauts on board the International Space Station get hungry from time to time during their long day of work in microgravity. We asked Samantha Cristof...
twitter.com “L+148: #SamLogbook. Time for more science: BRICS 21 &amp; Synthetic Muscle! Sounds cool right? https://t.co/0FoB6BvfjQ”
twitter.com “L+149: #SamLogbook. BRICs are happily chilling out at -98 Celsius &amp; Osteo-4 ended #science https://t.co/4Gv5t0VVtu”
twitter.com “L+150: #SamLogbook. Hey, I didn’t forget that I promised to talk to you about the NATO exp.! https://t.co/QgSkz5IeqV”
twitter.com “#Dragon berthed to ISS. It's almost empty inside now - we worked hard on unloading it this past week!”
twitter.com “L+151/154: #SamLogbook. Welcome back our old friends, the C.Elegans, for Nematode muscle exp! https://t.co/9UxQHaIwuJ”
twitter.com “Did I mention already that I find our solar panels fascinating to look at? #OurOutpostInSpace”
Pirs docking port twitter.com “L+155/6: #SamLogbook. Progress 59P didn't make it to ISS but...No one is going to bed hungry! https://t.co/MqpPrirGNz”
twitter.com “Spare components and the solar arrays bathed in the orange light of the first Sun. #OurOutpostInSpace”
twitter.com “L+157/8: #SamLogbook. Another weekend is over, only one left on the @Space_Station... https://t.co/HBYAd3gGDY”
twitter.com “Well, since you cannot be here with me let me show you around our space home! We'll start with our hygiene corner... https://t.co/QzxuUz53Vh”
twitter.com “L+159/160: #SamLogbook. 'Scott the Vampire' helped me fill up 7 tubes of blood for Cardio-Ox. https://t.co/CuqEa19aB9”
twitter.com “Hello @Aeroclubitalia! Un saluto all' Aero Club d'Italia!”
twitter.com “That Progress parking spot on the horizon is free now... if you want to stop by, we welcome visits on short notice.”
twitter.com “Looks like it's not time to get my spacesuit ready yet... what a present! #MoreTimeInSpace http://t.co/i26pwWu8Oo”
twitter.com “L+170:#SamLogbook. Heard the news? A few more weeks on #ISS for me @AntonAstrey @AstroTerry! https://t.co/oUYmHlM9GG”
twitter.com “#OurOutpostInSpace from a the JEM window. Many spare units are stored on those two platforms attached to the truss.”
twitter.com “The now free Common Berthing Mechanism with petals open, just after PMM was moved away, then with petals closed.”
twitter.com “The blue stripe on the horizon announcing the day barely visible over the "balcony" of #OurOutpostInSpace.”
twitter.com “The Japanese Lab with its own airlock and the US Lab, the heart of the non-Russian segment. #OurOutpostInSpace”
twitter.com “The Japanese Lab with its own airlock and the US Lab, the heart of the non-Russian segment. #OurOutpostInSpace”
twitter.com “A dreamy European laboratory Columbus floating in white... #OutOutpostInSpace”
twitter.com “Amazing how much dust accumulates in the ventilation system. @Astro_Kimiya, your quarters are clean &amp; ready for you!”
twitter.com “Where do astronauts sleep? Come with me on a tour of my crew quarters here on @Space_Station https://t.co/PCg8h1LD2h”

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