Expedition 42/43 #ISS Interactive Map - Terry's Pictures
twitter.com “The ride home in a few hours for my three crewmates, Саша, #AstroButch, and Елена. Soyuz 40S / союз 14М”
twitter.com “Dear #ElenaSerova, @AstroSamantha and all women of the world, Congratulations Mar 8 international women's day #IWD.”
twitter.com “Expedition 42 / 43 change of command ceremony- #astrobutch has "given me the helm"!”
twitter.com “Dear #ElenaSerova, @AstroSamantha and all women of the world, Congratulations Mar 8 international women's day #IWD.”
twitter.com “#Sunset over the frozen Great Lakes and southern #Canada.”
twitter.com “Teammates- USAF and USN working great together in orbit and on our spacewalks! #USAFA #goairforcebeatnavy”
twitter.com “Our official “100 Days” patch. 2.5 months to go. Time is flying WAY TOO FAST!”
twitter.com “Celebrating "flight day 100" with @AstroSamantha and @AntonAstrey”
twitter.com “Can you spot the space walker in this picture? He's very small compared to the enormous starboard truss of the #ISS.”
twitter.com “Out on the P3 truss. #AstroButch handing me his cable to install on the new antenna. #spacewalk”
twitter.com “Laying 100' of cable in each of these bags, #AstroButch and I installed them from the lab to new antennas.”
twitter.com “http://t.co/ErjTLgCIrL”
twitter.com “Shades of light!”
twitter.com “Working at sunrise- laying more cables! #spacewalk”
twitter.com “And for the second half of our #spacewalk today- me greasing the robotic arm.”
twitter.com “A cool progress picture.”
twitter.com “#AstroButch in the vacuum of space today. #spacewalk”
twitter.com “Thankfully @AstroSamantha decided to open the hatch for #AstroButch and I at the end of #USEVA29 #spacewalk!”
twitter.com “My very first “steps” outside, going down through the airlock hatch. #USEVA29 #spacewalk”
twitter.com “The airlock is VERY crowded with two guys in spacesuits. #USEVA29 #spacewalk”
twitter.com “The smile before my first #spacewalk barely fit in the camera frame. #USEVA29”
twitter.com “Selfie w/ @AntonAstrey who helped @AstroSamantha get #AstroButch and I into those big spacesuits. #USEVA29 #spacewalk”
twitter.com “Pre-breathing 100% O2 before #USEVA29 #spacewalk - this prevents the “bends”, a problem that #SCUBA divers also face.”
twitter.com “On my way inside at the end of a long and successful #spacewalk- thanks #AstroButch for a great pic!”
twitter.com “#SpaceCheeseburger. Beef patties, Russian mustard, tomato paste, cheese paste, and tortilla. VERY TASTY!”
twitter.com ““SAFER” virtual reality simulator- the jet pack we can use to get back to ISS if we floated away during a spacewalk.”
twitter.com “Periodic Fitness Evaluation- riding the bike with a heart rate monitor, EKG, and blood pressure machine hooked up”
twitter.com “#AstroButch and I tried on our spacesuits during a "dry run" today. The real thing is scheduled for this Friday!”
twitter.com “"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows" ... Helen Keller”
twitter.com “Helping @AstroSamantha as she released #Dragon from our robotic arm- my job was to send commands to the vehicle.”
twitter.com “#Canadarm2 and SPDM casting their shadow on #Dragon. What monster does this remind you of?”
twitter.com “#Sunrise on release day for #dragon!”
twitter.com “#SB49 was late at night for us, so I only saw 1st half real time. I watched 2nd half highlights Monday- what a game!”
twitter.com “.@AstroSamantha and I kick off a year of "reconfig", preparing for multiple docked cargo and manned vehicles”
twitter.com “Micro5 payload in the glove box http://t.co/9Ooozd2rUM”
twitter.com “A wrestling match to get these cables back into a bag (I won)”
twitter.com “Our solar panels chase the sun as we paddle through the universe #SpaceVine time-lapse https://t.co/Sa8ca1pazi”
twitter.com “Captured #Dragon being maneuvered by #Canadarm2 last week prior to docking with the #ISS https://t.co/rzPYKF4lu3”
twitter.com “In my opinion, no doubt about it - @JJWatt – the best football player on Earth”
twitter.com “Our commander #astrobutch with his care package from Earth- a back scratcher and mustard”
twitter.com “Working the “Micro5” experiement, studying how salmonella and E. Coli affect bacteria”
twitter.com “Columbus module on the left (glowing pink from an experiment), crew quarters in middle, US Lab on right”
twitter.com “Spending some time with the #Exp42 crew yesterday admiring the cautions and warnings from our false alarm”
twitter.com “Opening the Dragon hatch for the first time- it has that "new spaceship smell"- very nice!”
twitter.com “Our "cockpit" in the cupola- where #AstroButch and @astrosamantha "flew" the robotic arm today”
twitter.com “#Dragon’s first #sunrise as part of #ISS”
twitter.com “After #AstroButch captured #Dragon, Houston mission control remotely maneuvered it to install on #ISS”
twitter.com “#AstroButch and @AstroSamantha rocked it today- perfect capture of #Dragon! #Teamwork”
twitter.com “Working on “ARED” last week, our weightlifting machine”
twitter.com “celebrating Russian Christmas with a video call to friends and family and an Orthodox choir in #Moscow”
twitter.com “Solar Arrays silhouetted by #sunrise - this makes the #ISS look like a pretty cool spaceship!”
twitter.com “We haven't seen this for a week! Night in the cupola - #welcomeback "normal" orbit”
twitter.com “here was yesterday's final result from @astrosamantha 's haircut”
twitter.com “working on the "MCA"- a device that analyzes the composition of our station air”
twitter.com “The most stressful thing I've done as an astronaut - giving @astrosamantha a haircut. @antonastrey helping vacuum”
twitter.com “Celebrating #NewYearsEve with my crewmates #astrobutch @astrosamantha Sasha and Elena”
twitter.com “No sunsets until Jan 4th- we are in a "high beta" orbit now, so this is as dark as it gets”
twitter.com “Unwrapping an early Christmas gift last week. @AstroRobonaut is my favorite action figure. #SpaceVine https://t.co/kNtYDaJI2M”
twitter.com “opening presents - I got a harmonica frome Elena Serova. Now I need to learn how to play!”
twitter.com “Our version of Christmas lights, the station color glow during every day-night transition #SpaceVine https://t.co/vlpHiu0Bis”
twitter.com “Getting ready for Christmas with @astrosamantha and #AstroButch”
twitter.com “Setting up MSG (glovebox) last week for a new experiment- note the wrench floating- thanks #astrobutch for the pic”
twitter.com “Haircut day on ISS. #astrobutch doesn't charge much. But I tip well”
twitter.com “"R2" @AstroRobonaut is coming to life with his new legs”
twitter.com “Upgrading the CIR combustion experiment - so cool floating 50 lb equip while I work”
twitter.com “...and at night... this is the US Lab”
twitter.com “our living quarters in the day- Node 2 and the US Lab”
twitter.com “Excited to advance the #SpaceVine collection. Robot arm takes position as Earth and solar panels rotate. https://t.co/7pnnLmFQEw”
twitter.com “My Russian crewmate Elena Serova helping us decorate for Christmas- Something many folks are doing now on Earth!”
twitter.com “watching #Orion launch with our crew from the #ISS- awesome!!!”
twitter.com “a great way to celebrate my birthday, with this awesome crew”
twitter.com “SPINSAT moving to predeploy position”
twitter.com “Watching the satellite move to deploy position @astrosamantha #AstroButch”
twitter.com “We deployed a satellite today! Here's SPINSAT leaving the airlock”
twitter.com “Black Friday in space. This sure beats the mall (so do most things!)”
twitter.com “The Japanese arm getting ready to grapple SPINSAT over West Africa”
twitter.com “my first exercise session today on "ARED"- in Node 3”
twitter.com “(IT) Ogni volta .@AstroTerry sa benissimo se sono stata io a usare la bicicletta per ultima! #AstronautiDiOgniTaglia”
twitter.com “An unusual self-portrait in the #cupola.”
twitter.com “A rare view of our solar panels reflecting the first light of #dawn.”
twitter.com “A final "green" tribute to #StPatrick. Expedition 43 crew wearing the appropriate color, but not patch! #Exp43”
2n haircut onboard for Samantha twitter.com “Another haircut day for @AstroSamantha. Maybe I'll have a second career after astronaut! #spacevine https://t.co/tK903J1672”
result of the 2n haircut for Samantha twitter.com “And the final product! @AstroSamantha was happy, so I was happy…”
by Massimo twitter.com Viimeisimmät twiitit käyttäjältä Massimo (@Rainmaker1973). Astronomy, astronautics, meteorology, physics, #CitizenScience. Engineer, trying to build the big picture of #science via pics, videos & links. Italy, North by Northwest
twitter.com “Our #Exp43 crew had a great chance to "target" some Martian rocks for sampling by the #Opportunity rover.”
twitter.com “Giving myself a haircut today, since #AstroButch is gone. This is much easier than cutting @AstroSamantha's hair!”
twitter.com “The #Expedition43 crew.”
twitter.com “Earlier today, #ISS #Exp43 CDR @AstroTerry did troubleshooting with the slide table in the #Kibo airlock. via #NASATV”
twitter.com “Congrats to #HISAchallenge winners using art to show how Space, Science, and Technology benefit humanity.”
twitter.com “Fresh fruit and vegetables from Earth! These carrots were definitely appreciated!”
twitter.com “Centrifugal force maximized milk flow across the ice cream. Thanks to @AstroSamantha for the spin.”

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