Remix of "French horn"
This is are composer. His name is Radek Baboak.
french horn concerto Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Horn Concerto Nr. 3 KV. 447 I.Allegro Radek Baborák, horn Orquesta Sinfónica de RTVE Jean-Jacques Kantorow
The french horn's family.
The first people who used the french horn used the animal horn. After decades more and more people modified the french horn. One was a German musician that made slides for it. All the modifications created the horn we have today.
The list of changes.
Is the french horn a transposing or a perfect pitch instrument. The french horn is
How is the sound produced with the french horn? The sound from a brass instrument comes from a vibrating column of air inside the instrument. The person playing the instrument makes this happen by buzzing there lips while blowing air through the mouth peace. To produce a higher or lower pitch sound, the person adjusts the opening between his/her lips. The mouthpiece is connected to a long or small brass tubing ending in a bell. The shorter the tubing the smaller the instrument, and the higher the sound. The longer the tubing , the larger the instrument, and the lower the sound.
What do slides do? The french horn slides are to change the pitches ex B-flat. If we didn't have slides we would always play similar pitches. Pitches are controlled through adjustment of lip tension in the mouthpiece and the operation(open/close) of valves by the left hand, which route the air into extra tubing.
Changes the horn went trou.
The oldest ancester is the animal horn. The animal horn is the french horn but with no slides no bell no tubing and no metal. The animal horn is the original horn.
How old is the french horn?
What is the french horns country of origin? The french horn's country of origin is France. The french horns name comes from france ex:French and France is french. That's why the english named it like that.
We are researching the french horn. Its one of the many choices we taught we should take. Its also one of the instruments that comes from France.
Radek Baborák was born into a musical family. He started his horn studies at the age of eight. At twelve he was a winner of the Radio Competition Concertino Prague. Three years later he was a winner at the Prague Spring Competition.

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