Series Circuit
Switch: Used for making and breaking the connection in an electrical current. Can cause the circuit to be opened or closed.
This is a battery used as a voltage source. A volt is a force of electricity that is taken and used to power in this case the light bulbs.
This is known as a Series Circuit. A series circuit is set up to where a electrical current only has one path to take.
The flow of an electrical charge is known as a current. The current of this circuit goes all the way around.
This light bulb is a conductor and also a insulator. The glass of the bulb is an insulator because it is used as protection from the heat and light coming from the filament inside. Since the filament gives off heat and light as a cause from the currents it is known as a conductor
Resistor: A resistor is used to reduce the flow of current and lower voltage levels. (No resistors on this circuit)

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