Powell's City of Books
Whew! You made it to the top. Welcome to the Pearl Room. Here you will find books on everything from architecture to woodworking. This is also the home of the Basil Hallward Gallery.<br /> instagram.com 116 Likes, 0 Comments - PNW Lifestyle & Couples (@haleyswinth) on Instagram: “I picked up a camera in 2013. Best decision ever. #liveauthentic #powellsbooks #powells…”
We&apos;ve all heard about the &quot;Red Room&quot; in &quot;Fifty Shades of Gray&quot; by now, but this Red Room skips the whips and instead offers everything from Americana to audio books. Sometimes there is nothing more enjoyable than diving into a book about Native American history. instagram.com See this Instagram photo by @signscamp • 39 likes
The Purple Room offers material on management, books on business, texts on test guides, and more. This is also where you will find the Espresso Book Machine if you&apos;re interested in printing books on demand or self-publishing.<br /> instagram.com 14 Likes, 4 Comments - Angela Lau (@banangela) on Instagram: “Ok, last pic before boarding my flight. Had a great, productive work trip in this awesome city,…”
The Orange Room is the home of the registers, but there are also shelves upon shelves of books on cooking, gardening, and humor.<br /> instagram.com 5 Likes, 2 Comments - rebecca hamilton (@disco_sonic) on Instagram: “The end is near. #pdx #powellsbooks #christmaspanic”
A Rose Room by any other name would smell as sweet, but would it be as packed with children? Hmm. This is where you can find children&apos;s and Young Adult books, as well as parenting books for their guardians.<br /> instagram.com 9 Likes, 0 Comments - Kendall (@devildegg) on Instagram: “I had to get in on this whole photographing the new #roseroomcarpet @powellsbooks . More of it got…”
The Mezzanine is not only a refuge away from the maze of shelves if you&apos;re starting to feel overwhelmed. There is a wide selection of magazines here as well!<br /> instagram.com 37 Likes, 7 Comments - jasmine cha (@jasminejcha) on Instagram: “you could get lost in the aisles and rooms filled with books here. 📖 #portland #portlandoregon…”
You&apos;ll need some energy if you&apos;re going to make it all the way to the third floor with a basket full of books. Here you will find the World Cup Coffee and Tea shop, as well as the romance books and graphic novels. <br /><br />#TGTC (Thank God there&apos;s coffee.)<br /> instagram.com 39 Likes, 2 Comments - Manos Zapotecas (@manoszapotecas) on Instagram: “Enjoying a moment of peace after the hustle and bustle of NYC. We are gearing up for yet another…”
All that glitters isn&apos;t gold, but Powell&apos;s Gold Room is the place to go for your required dose of fantasy, horror, mystery, and erotica. Oh, and there&apos;s also nautical fiction, if that&apos;s your sort of thing.<br /> instagram.com 35 Likes, 2 Comments - andy (@letitbe503) on Instagram: “mecca. #powellsbooks #oldbooks #portland #portlandnw #portlandoregon #pacnw #burnside #powells…”
The Blue Room may also be newly remodeled, but it doesn&apos;t let you forget the space&apos;s roots as a used car dealership! This is where you&apos;ll find the classics, dramatic literature, and a wide selection of memoirs and poetry.<br /> instagram.com 34 Likes, 4 Comments - Dew Drop (@mitchadew) on Instagram: “Paradise FOUND”
The Green Room got a recent facelift (or roof-lift, I suppose). This is where you&apos;ll find the bestsellers, recent award-winners, staff picks, and so on. I mean, technically you could just stop here, but there are eight more rooms beckoning you on. Buckle up.<br /> www.travelportland.com
While the rest of the store has a warehouse feel to it, the Rare Book Room has the cozy feel of a home library. Housed in here are thousands of rare and collectible volumes, the oldest of which was written in 1480, and the most expensive carrying a price tag of $350,000. static.tumblr.com
No height will stop the next generation of readers.<br /> instagram.com Page Not Found • Instagram
These books are like portkeys in that they pull you into another world, but good news -- Voldemort is not hiding at the end of this maze. instagram.com 6 Likes, 0 Comments - @kaishodamonte on Instagram: “Can you believe that all of them are cooking book! And they have 5 more cooking corridors like…”
You&apos;ll find no mahogany in these parts - just plain pine.<br /> instagram.com
The quietest traffic jams ever occur in these aisles. instagram.com 13 Likes, 0 Comments - Deb White (@deb_white19) on Instagram: “Perfect way to ring in the New Year! #powellsbooks”
Books on books on books... Remember to breathe.<br /> instagram.com 32 Likes, 3 Comments - Alex Luna (@magic.mama.luna) on Instagram: “Retail therapy.”
If you find yourself needing specialized help, you can hop onto the elevator and head to the Customer Service Desk on the fourth floor. The staff are totally mean, though. Avoid them at all costs.<br /> fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net
If you find yourself in desperate need of Powell&apos;s Books T-shirts, water bottles, mugs, journals, bags, socks, hats, and even onesies, you&apos;ll find them here.<br /> fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net
Welcome to Powell&apos;s City of Books!<br />This video will provide you with a comprehensive tour of the store layout, though it was filmed prior to the recent renovations in the Green and Blue Rooms.<br /><br />(If you&apos;re prone to motion sickness, though, you may want to focus on the photos and descriptions instead.)<br /> www.youtube.com Powell's Books in Portand, OR is freaking huge! This walk-through of (nearly) every room has a handy HUD map and original music by BigAssRobot ... lots of it...
The &quot;Pillar of Books&quot; greets customers from the southeast entrance with the invitation to buy, read, enjoy, and sell books.<br /> wanderlustandlipstick.com

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