Human Body Systems Visit http:// ,watch all human body systems & other science educational videos for kids for free. 1979. This song teaches about the human skeleton. This song was voted the 23rd best song on the 30th anniversary edition. Sung by Jack Sheldon. Written by Ge... School House Rock - The Nervous System. Complete nervous system - Lesson from children. For more free science videos,visit 1979. This song teaches about our bodies circulatory system. Sung by Oshie Armstead, Mary Sue Barry, Maeretha Stewart. Written by Lynn Ahrens. You breathe in. You breathe out. But what's happening inside? Watch this movie about the Respiratory System and find out! Go inside the human body and see first-hand how the respiratory system works. Vivid animation and real-life examples demonstrate the respiration process, inc... Food goes in, then what? Find out in this movie about the Digestive System!
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