The Caen memorial shall set up some visit with a bilingue guide to share our wonderfull beach, and to know new thinngs about our history! Site du mémorial de Caen
2 years ago, the Franco-American Center, partnership with NIMEC, did a conference with IBEC, about International Business and Economy which took place at the IAE Caen. Each year, IBEC welcomes experts and researchers on a topic related to economics and management. For example,the conference entitled: "The changing face of globalization''. IBEC 2013 - ●▶IAE Caen, école universitaire de management | With its university diploma in management taught 100% in english, IAE Caen welcomes international students from all around the world and offers them a unique opportunity to study in Normandy. #WeAreIAECaen
Nashville is one of many famous city of south America, Caen etablished a twinning with this town. Thank's to that, many french and american people travel between this two part of the world . Founded in 1990, Sister Cities of Nashville (SCN) is a chapter of Sister Cities International, which is based in Washington D.C. SCN is a volunteer organization that connects Nashvillians with friends around the world through exchanges, cultural programs, and partnerships.
It exists a formation (a master) called '' management Franco-American'' where most of the lessons are given by american teachers to students who want to follow their career in the United States in economy, marketing or financial markets. The goal of this formation is reinforce the partnership with american company. ●▶IAE Caen, école universitaire de management | Offre de formation : licences, masters, diplômes d'université en formation initiale, par apprentissage et continue (présentielle et e-learning). #WeAreIAECaen
Some students take pictures during their trip in France. This video highlights the student ambassador program to Caen, France provided by Sister Cities of Nashville. If interested, contact Heather at director@scnas...

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