Range of motion at specific joints www.brianmac.co.uk An understanding of how muscles and joints work will enable you to ensure that every stretch position you attempt is safe
docs.google.com Types of joint Fixed, cartilaginous and synovial
Muscles the body <br /> www.innerbody.com Muscular System
Bones in the body www.innerbody.com Skeletal System
Classification of joint www.youtube.com Visit us at http://mrfordsclass.net/ for the rest of this series. You will also find lecture notes and interactive quizzes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jo...
Types of synovial joint www.youtube.com Description of the anatomy of synovial joints
Movement at synovial joints www.youtube.com Movements at synovial joints
Sporting examples deananatomy1.blogspot.co.uk Types of joints Any point in the body where two or more bones meet is classed as a joint. Fixed joints Fixed or fibrous joints all...

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