Tea party refers to the Boston Tea Party which was a political riot that occured in Boston against the British parliament in 1773. It consisted in throwing overboard shipments of tea from a boat in Boston harbour. TEA means &quot; Taxed Enough Already &quot;.<br /> www.youtube.com From the History Channel's The Revolution for my students to learn about the Boston Tea Party
When the American Revolution began in 1775, American forces commenced the Siege of Boston and British forces made Caslte William their first stronghold. Nonetheless, the president George Washington succeeded in the fortification of Dorchester Heights which threatened the British army and made them evacuate Boston in March 1776. www.nine3.com HISTORY OF CASTLE ISLAND
Right after trying to besiege Boston on March 1776, the British army targeted New York City during the following Summer.<br />British forces came out victorious of this battle and consequently, in october 1776 New York was under the British armies control.<br /> www.mountvernon.org Learn more about Washington's narrow escape from the Battle of Long Island
After losing the battle of New York, Benjamin Franklin resquested France for help. The marquis of La Fayette, thirsty for new adventures, met secretly the American president and embarked for America in 1777 where he would show an admirable bravery before coming back to France two years later. In 1780 he boarded on the Hermione and arrived in Boston one month after. He widely contributed to the victory of Yorktown in october 17th, 1781 www.hermione2015.com The Hermione Project 2015 is a reconstruction of an exact replica of the original Lafayette Hermione ship. The Hermione's first voyage will take her across the Atlantic, from France to the USA - voyage 2015.

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