New Electric F1 Cars
This sharp point on the front of the car provides excellent stream lines for aerodynamic shapes to be made
This is the airbox it provides the engine bay with cool air to lower the use of aftercoolers which would increase weight
The back wing on F1 cars provides down force which gives the tires more friction decreasing tire spin wich then saves power
The front wing provides the tires with an aerodynamic shape but also pushes the car down on the tarmac We produced this for Williams F1 in 2001. It shows how the front wing on and F1 car works. This was cutting edge at the time but of course now we'd do it a l...
The body is made of carbon fiber this has four major advantages - its supper lightweight - its supper strong - its supper stiff - it can be easily molded into different shapes Depending on the way the shape is made it can differ in strength
The tires on an F1 car are a special blend of synthetic rubber which gives the best grip on the new tarmac of race tracks. The new design of tire allows the car to travel up to 120 kilometers before it gets to a stage where it offers practically no grip
Radar this allows the driver to communicate with his team while driving this helps to inform the mechanics of any problems
These adverts provide the racing company with money which allows the company to make new designs
This is the steering wheel it is designed so it can be pulled out in-case of an accident

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