Lowered nose so the pilot has better visibility.
Can hold up to 128 passengers. www.pbs.org
9 members of crew. (3 Flight Crew and 6 Cabin crew.)
Length = 204 ft
Wingspan = 83 ft
height = 28 ft
maximum takeoff = 480,000 lb
In the late 1950's Britain's Bristol Aeroplane Company and France's Sud Aviation were considering developing supersonic transport. They were both working on designs called the Type 233 and Super-Caravelle. In the early 60's the desgins were both ready to start prototype construction but the cost was so expensive that England and France decided to team up and create an amazing aircraft together. They made the Concorde. www.globalaircraft.org Information and pictures on the aircraft, Concorde.
First Flight = October 1, 1969
by around 1981 in the Uk the future for the concorde didn't look bright. The UK had lost so much money due to running the concorde each year and nobody really wanted to fly on it due to its expenses. So BAC sold the concorde to British Airways for 16.5 million plus the first year's profits.
The first concorde crash was on the 25th July 2000. It killed all 100 passengers ( 4 on ground) and all 9 crew members. The crash was caused by a Titanium strip which punctured the left main whee. the wheel exploded and hit and electrical cable next to the fuel tank. The impact caused a hydrodynamic shockwave that fractured the fuel tank which started leaking and ignited due to several electrical wires. www.youtube.com YouTube
On 10 April 2003, Air France and British Airways simultaneously announced that they would retire Concorde later that year.

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