Asimo The Robot
With ASIMO's joints it can walk, jump, run walk up stairs and do many more!
ASIMO stands for: Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. ASIMO was conceived to function in an actual human living environment in the near future. It is easy to operate, has a convenient size and weight and can move freely within the human living environment, all with a people-friendly design. The latest generation of Asimo robots built by Honda which has been unveiled today, July 16 2014. Pub workers and baristas could face an uncertain future aft...
The first ASIMO was made in 1986 and since then Honda have been making new ones and trying their best to make a robot that is a partner for people and can function in society.
Asimo is controlled by a computer through a wireless network system. The camera on the front of ASIMO's head show the operator how to direct the robot and detect the target location.
• The new model of ASIMO is powered by a 51.8v lithium ion (Li-ION) battery. • ASIMO can operate for approximately one hour on a single battery.

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