A union is an organization established by workers to get general work area goals such as: wages, benefits, work rules, power more days off etc. Unions started happening in the 1800's during the Industrial Revolution. All unions negotiate with corporations, businesses and other organizations to meet a workers needs. There are two types of Unions trade unions who represent workers in a specific job. Industrial unions, represent workers in a specific industry. www.shmoop.com History of Labor Unions Learning Guide. History of Labor Unions analysis by PhD students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley
This graph shows the growth change of the Unions in the United States. From the 1930's to the 19'90's there was the biggest growth. www.ethicalpolitics.org
Unions ended up causing many strikes and protests. This was because the union made groups of people come together and fight for the same thing since it affected each of them. www.uauoregon.org
This is an ad for a protest on the amount of work hours a person should have. Many of these kinds of flyers and ads were made to bring awareness to the rights of workers and to strngthen the union. mysbta.org
Worker conditions for a long time in history have been dangerous and unhealthy for their workers. Accidents such as the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire fueled the fight for unions and workers rights. law2.umkc.edu
Unionization and Workers Rights became a huge part of The Industrial revolution. Unions started in Europe in the 1800's. During this time there was a huge surge of new workers into the workplace that needed representation. Labor Unions exploded in the US during the Industrial Revolution as did Workers Rights. With all the new job opportunities and so many workers coming in they needed unions to protect themselves. Workers rights were also a major deal of the Industrial Revolution because with all these new inventions being created and all this dangerous work that was being done to keep up it was becoming a danger to workers. Incidents like the Triangle Shirtwaist factories showed that workers needed rights and protection before more people got hurt.
Unions were a way to make sure that workers were paid fairly and got all the rights they deserved. Business owners got a lot less powerful after unions started. www.youtube.com In less than 2 minutes, we provide a lesson on the history of Organized Labor. Fun, simple, & entertaining - great for kids and adults alike!
When the Industrial Revolution started it brought thousands of workers with it. This caused the need for a way to get benefits and help about all these new people with jobs. www.youtube.com The Creation of labor Unions in America During the Industrial Revolution (late 1800's- Early 1900's)
Unions and working rights are still very important today. Unions over the years have helped many workers get the rights they need. Many companies today still have unions. Unions and workers rights have impacted society and the world hugely it changed the way buisnesses worked endgame more power to the worker. World History has been altered because of unions because manillas have been put in place to help save workers lives and change the way goods everybody in the world uses are produced and shipped.

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