"The children develop strategies for helping one another; they give themselves permission to struggle openly and to feel safe and not vulnerable when asking for help" (P. 13).
"This changed behavior comes from the children's new understanding of the pain of exclusion and the importance of including someone who is different" (P. 7).
"They will learn how an understanding of temperament and gaining insights into their own emotions and those of others leads to empathy and builds rich human relationships" (P. 5).
One thing that I think the book really says well is that children that develop empathy in the classroom push past all the stereotypes that others might have. I think it is a need for children to start young with empathy because they will be less likely to not include other kids that are not like themselves. Children need to have these skills to treat others the way they want to be treated and make others feel the way they feel. When other children are feeling down, it is important to understand how they are feeling and try to make them feel better. They will learn this through empathy.
"Understanding how other people feel is the first step to building caring relationships in the classroom, in the community, and in the world at large" (P. 35).
By having a baby in the classroom, children learn empathy through learning how to care for a child. When they see the gentleness of a child, they can learn that they should treat everyone that same way. Empathy is needed for children to have because they can begin their lives treating others the same way they treat the pure baby they see in their classroom.
The book states situations in which the students can observe babies in their classrooms. By having these babies available, they can have experiences to repeat empathy and learn what it truly is. They can also see that by watching an innocent baby they wish for no troubles to ever happen to it that they may have had in their lives. Empathy is needed because without it, the students that may have had troubles may wish bad thoughts upon others.

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