<h3>Simulation <br /></h3>Learn how a digital camera works.<br /> camerasim.com What's Included - CameraSim
<h3>Simulation</h3>Use the digital camera concepts for camera settings.<br /> camerasim.com Practice your photography skills before buying a camera with the CameraSim Web Simulator.
<h3>Simulation</h3>Focus, Frame, Shoot!<br /> camerasim.com What's Included - CameraSim
Finding Vivian Mair documentary movie trailer. <h3>Was she an artist?</h3> www.youtube.com This is the official trailer for the documentary film, Finding Vivian Maier. Directed by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel COMING TO THEATERS IN MARCH 2014 - Fu...
<h3>Essential Question: </h3>Is photography an art form?<br />
Read about the &quot;father of street photography.&quot; Was his work art? famous-photographers.com Born: Aug 22, 1908 in Chanteloup-en-Brie, France Died: Aug 3, 2004 (at age 95) in Montjustin, France Nationality: French Style: Candid photography,
Art or not? Can photography help others to see and change the world? www.youtube.com I made this movie to introduce the photography of Dorothea Lange to my students.
Read about the life of Ansel Adams. Do you think his work was art? Did he accomplish something powerful through his work? <i>Hint: National Parks </i> www.nps.gov Ansel Adams - Yosemite National Park (U.S. National Park Service)
<h3>What is Art?</h3>Read the dictionary definition.<br /> www.dropbox.com
<h3>Learning to Look</h3>Read the online article that describes how to analyze a photograph in fine art terms. You will use this article as your guide for the assignment.<br /> ccp.arizona.edu Learning to Look: A Format for Looking At and Talking About Photographs | Center for Creative Photography
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Visit this website to choose a Master photographer for your assignment. www.masters-of-photography.com Masters of Photography
Thinglink Assignment Details docs.google.com Photography as Art Assignment Visit the Masters of Photography website and choose one photographer. Choose your favorite photograph taken by your Master choice. Start your Thinglink image: add image by url or upload the photo to your Thinglink. Begin to add tags by following the Learning to Look ...
Go the the class Padlet wall and be part of the art debate. padlet.com Answer this question: Is photography art? Restate the question with yes, or no. Explain why in 2-3 sentences.
<h3>Thinglink Expert Educator</h3>Follow my blog. merlinotechmentions.weebly.com At the small school where I used to work, scheduling of Parent/Teacher conferences dated back to the dark ages. Paper forms were sent home to parents to select a date and time, distributed to their...
Feldman&apos;s Method of Art Critique www.youtube.com An overview of Edmund Feldman's four-step process for evaluating works of art
Feldman&apos;s Method of Art Critque olli.illinois.edu

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