Gymnázium Zikmunda Wintra Rakovník
Karolína Nováková, 15 yo, hobbies: piano, art, languages, travelling, shopping, sports, I wanna be a dentist, love my family and friends!
Anna Ledahudcová - 14 years old hobbies: reading, watching films and TV shows (I'll talk to you for hours about The Hunger Games), travelling and meeting new people. I play the violin as well!
David Loder; 15years old; hobbies: sport, music, languages; special skills: calculator in my head(but not every time right) Super clever.<br />
Marie Ryjáčková, 14 years old, hobbies: violin, swimming, watching serials, climbing on wall, ridding on horse
Adam Andrt ; 15 years old ; hobbies: football, playing PC games, chatting with friends ; special abilities: fotographic memory
I&apos;m Karolína Baziková, 15yo hobbies: fashion, cooking, travelling, tennis I love my family and friends
Klára Dykastová, 15 years old. Hobbies: guitar, violin, piano, singing, bass guitar, dancing. Special skills: Super sexy lady
Jiří Vlček,15 years old.Hobbies:Sport(Basketball,football,floorball),Games(TF2,LOL).Special Skills:I´m funny and helpflul :)
Veronika Vrňáková, 14 years old, wasn’t at photo shooting. Hobbies: reading, watching good films and series, shopping, sleeping, skiing and snowboarding. Special skills: good at Czech. <br />
Nguyen Phuong Nhung 14year Hobbies:baking, listening music, Skills: can speak 4 languages
Ly Nguyenová, 15 years old. Hobbies: piano, everything related to South Korea. Special skills: 5 languages
Tomáš Fencl, 15 years. Hobbies football, volleyball.
Matyáš Vostrý, 15 years old. Hobbies: ice hockey, floorball, volleyball. Special skills: I am amazing.
Filip Dolanský, 15 years old, Hobbies: Track-and-field athletics, watching serials, cooking.
Emílie Spurná, 15 years old , hobbies: Reading, drawing , watching movies and my favorite serials.